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Has anyone seen any jeans currently out with front pockets fades? What i mean is fading along the lines the front pocket "bags"? I thought i saw some pre-distressed edwins like this awhile back. Any input appreciated.
Aldo seems to be the H&M of the shoe world. While I am not of fan of aldo and feel their construction certainly isn't of the highest quality, it is not as remarkably bad as everyone is claiming at the sale price.
I think Manny's is pretty damn good, their pastrami is some of the best I've ever had.
I'm 6'3'' and wear size 36 with big legs and the impala cut suits me quite well, it is one of my favorites. Any of the other cuts might be a bit tight unless that is what you are going for. I picked up a pair of the challenger cut from gilt, I hope they're not too slim.
To be honest, i prefer the stock 405 indies, to all the different special makes of them.
Clubs and bars: Underground, Rockit, Manor, Hub or Sub 51 Restaurants: as mentioned earlier, too many to mention without specifics
I managed to get the last pair of 10's in nut brown, I hope they fit as good as they look.
Margiela Spurr RRL/Polo Alden PRPS J.Crew 45rpm John Smedley Neil Barrett Quiksilver
Do you have any of the RRL Oxfords with the J.Press-like flap/button pocket in size XL? If so, what colors? Thanks in advance
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