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I have both a vintage and recent version of the Norwegian sweater and as much as I want to like it I just can"t get past the ill fit. The vintage one, which I've had for almost 20 years, fits very sloppy during the time i wore it most I wasn't nearly as particular about the fit as I am today. The recent version fits slightly better in the shoulders but leaves a very pronounced "spare tire" effect in the mid-section.
I have a 08 Land Rover and just had the whole backend replaced because of problem with the differential, under warranty fortunately. I agree you will get to know your service manager quickly, do not get a LR without an extended warranty. Having said that, i love it...
A liter stein of Hofbrau Dunkel and the Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee.
Well done brent, now you see why we dumped you here in Green Bay.
SOLD! Thanks!
Not sure how to post photos, i've been sending pics of them via email. They are bascially a brand new pair of Semi-Dress in "semi-dress brown", single leather sole as described.
Price drop $195
I wear 10.5 D in Alden Indys and Clarks Desert Boots and the White's fit me perfectly. I will try to post pics tomorrow.
Sunglasses for sale: Persol 649, never worn, size 58-20(large), color 96/33(light tortoise frame) box, case, papers included. $80 shipped in CUSA Mosley Tribes Pilot, worn 3-4 times, like new, size 60x16x135, silver frame, Java polarized lense, case included. $70 shipped in CUSA Mosley Tribes Javelin, new, never worn, size 57x15x130, silver frame, grey(midnight express) polarized lense, case included. $60 shipped in CUSA Pics soon to follow, PM any questions....
For sale: White Semi Dress Boots, 10.5 D, brown Semi-Dress leather, single leather sole. Worn 3 times, like new except for slight scuffing on bottom of leather sole which typically happens after first wear anyway. Asking $210 shipped in CUSA. PM any questions. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: