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Any idea how these fit in comparison to there jeans? I'm interested in the ones on Active E but unsure of the fit, are they a bit looser than their jeans?
I got a pair on ebay awhile back, very nice jeans...are these available online or phone order?
I gotta give 'em props on the critch rivet though...if only they had hidden pocket rivets
Quote: Originally Posted by Dill Just saw that barneyscoop has a bunch of stuff on sale too. R&B tees are only 30 bucks along with a bunch of Juicy Coture, Trovata, house brand, Project E, and more on sale. They return sale items, so I picked up 2 R&B shirts in size small since the medium was way too long. Thanks for the heads up! I just picked up a couple R&B tees for $29, along with some house brand for $9
Quote: Originally Posted by jgu Is this a one time use coupon? It doesn't work for me anymore. Are the items you buying on sale, because I think the coupon only works with items at regular price and I know they have a big sale now.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 All in good fun man. I'm not German either but that's where my primary residence is located. I have several times brought up German styles, mostly the ones I listed, and always with a smile on my face (). I'll drop in your shop when I finally make it to Berlin, looking forward to it actually. Fok-seriously, any random Friday night in most Bavarian towns, find a quiet park and there will be a picnic table full of...
John Smedley Sea Island cotton polos are my favorite for quality and fit...they last forever. Jcrew are good at a reasonable price.
Current favored rotation: -Helmut Lang Classic Bootcut, slightly too big -SBU, washed, not sure of model -Rag & Bone RB 8s -APC English cut, light wash -Gap 1969 low rise, straight, some of the best distressing I've ever seen on any jeans, period, no scracth rivets, x-large coin pocket for $29.99 on sale -Banana Republic straight leg, selvage from around 3 years ago, selvage fly, amazing fit
any pics?
What size do you need, I have 3 pair of SBUs, one of which I rarely wear.
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