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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy The Straight downs will fit you. You probaly tried on the bootcut. However, as someone else posted, with a standard 32/33 inseam, no way they would fit in the leg anyway. Yeah, I've tried the low boot and vinatge cut(light ones at active endeavors) and both were too tight and fitted for my taste. I was under the impression the straights were tighter than the low boots for some reason. If the straights are a...
I really like 5ep jeans too and I havd the same problem: there fit doesn't suit my body type(6'3'' 210lbs. soccer player), they feel wa too tight all over for the waist size. I wish they'd come out with something with a bit more of a comfortable fit, for us non-slim guys.
I choose it first off because I was able to get it for half price, the fit, construction, and attention to detail were the other factors. Mine isn't khaki, it's more of a olive khaki...great color, and it doesn't look like army surplus
The thread is part of the design, they have it on most of their shirts, jackets, and jeans.
I would say it fits pretty true to size, I have it in XL and I usually wear XL and sometimes L. It's slightly fitted, but not overly so.
I have that jacket, it's quite nice. As expected with 5ep it's really well made and the fit is great for me, not too loose yet not too fitted at the same time. Really versatile, goes with a lot of things.
Anyone know where I can get the 5ep Straight in resin or worn in size 36 on sale? Any help appreciated!
how much? has some plain Dior 21cm jeans(not sure if they're raw or one wash) for $235
I usually favor Oliver Peoples, but I just got a pair of Silhouette 4048 and I love em. Really well made, light weight, comfy, and they look great. As for aviators, I think they're classic and they'll always be in style to a certain degree.
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