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I would say it fits pretty true to size, I have it in XL and I usually wear XL and sometimes L. It's slightly fitted, but not overly so.
I have that jacket, it's quite nice. As expected with 5ep it's really well made and the fit is great for me, not too loose yet not too fitted at the same time. Really versatile, goes with a lot of things.
Anyone know where I can get the 5ep Straight in resin or worn in size 36 on sale? Any help appreciated!
how much?
eluxury.com has some plain Dior 21cm jeans(not sure if they're raw or one wash) for $235
I usually favor Oliver Peoples, but I just got a pair of Silhouette 4048 and I love em. Really well made, light weight, comfy, and they look great. As for aviators, I think they're classic and they'll always be in style to a certain degree.
Any idea how these fit in comparison to there jeans? I'm interested in the ones on Active E but unsure of the fit, are they a bit looser than their jeans?
I got a pair on ebay awhile back, very nice jeans...are these available online or phone order?
I gotta give 'em props on the critch rivet though...if only they had hidden pocket rivets
Quote: Originally Posted by Dill Just saw that barneyscoop has a bunch of stuff on sale too. R&B tees are only 30 bucks along with a bunch of Juicy Coture, Trovata, house brand, Project E, and more on sale. They return sale items, so I picked up 2 R&B shirts in size small since the medium was way too long. Thanks for the heads up! I just picked up a couple R&B tees for $29, along with some house brand for $9
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