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Anyone know when the next 20% of code might be coming?
The Renaissance Resort in Orlando. I was actually there on business, got bitten by bed bugs first night and it basically put a damper on the whole trip.
Bed bugs
RRL oxfords have a great fit when untucked.
Forget about her and the dog, continue moving forward. The dog will only be a constant reminder and a reason to continue contact while trying to move forward. If it is meant to be, it will be, dog or not.
I am in the same boat, I am conditioning myself to move on...
This is my situation. If i would have played my cards right we would likely be married by now. Lots of things happened out of our control that lead it issues that ultimately lead to our demise. I've been holding on to hope she would get over some of the stuff, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Sucks like you said, because we are really compatible, we both know it. Gotta move on, I guess.
I have been dating other girls but have been talking to my ex for the last 2 months, who despite everything, I would like to get back together with and marry. Things will go really well, then she gets angry about the past at the drop of a hat. Now, I wasn't a total douche bag in the 3.5 years together and I should have treated her better but she is bitter and aprehensive about somethings still. She has started to see that I am not as selfish as once was. I am hoping she...
They don't seem to work, seem to always end up as off...
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