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I have noticed mine have also been "squeaking" when I walk too? My fit sounds similar to yours, width and instep is perfect, maybe a tiny bit long. I haven't had any heel slippage.
Just received my chestnut yearling Comfort Craftsmans from bootsonline.com and I am very impressed! I ended up going with size 10.5 G and the fit is perfect for me. I typically wear 10.5 in Alden and 11 in AE. I am really surprised how comfortable they are right out of the box, i will definitely be getting another pair in the future.
Thanks Brendon. I live in Wisconsin, which sole would be better for winter? I though I read earlier in the thread that the comfort craftsman sole is quite slippery in the ice and snow? Would the dynamic flex be a better option?
Are the dynamic flex craftsmans leather-lined? I am undecided between the comfort craftsman and dynamic flex craftsman? Any noticeable differences besides the soles?
1. Spurr 2. Hoyle Jackson 3. Margiela 4. Sunspel 5. Alden 6. Trickers 7. 7 FAM for jeans 8. Ralph Lauren 9. 45 RPM 10. John Smedley
Will these drops include fall/winter items?
Anyone know when the next 20% of code might be coming?
The Renaissance Resort in Orlando. I was actually there on business, got bitten by bed bugs first night and it basically put a damper on the whole trip.
Bed bugs
RRL oxfords have a great fit when untucked.
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