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I appreciate your feedback Jsan! I will find out soon enough. I got them at a good price and can return them at no risk. I like to wear them as more of a classic cut, straight leg jeans rather than sized down slim/skinny look. My fingers are crossed that they fit close to my raw 21cms.
They are actually size 38. Size 36 in raw 21cm fit me really well, but I have found size 36 in their washed denim fits much snugger. I am a soccer player with bigger legs and I wear them a bit looser than most. It said the leg opening was 8.58 inches? I am hoping they fit the bill as they looked a bit looser in the photos...
I bought these on yoox today on a whim with a coupon. Unfortunately yoox's decriptions leave a bit to be desired. I am hoping they are a looser 21cm cut, any thoughts on what they might be? Thanks in advance.
Can any one tell me if Dior Homme still produces the raw 21cm cut jeans? I would like to get another pair in size 36 and haven't seen them anywhere. Thanks in advance.
Awesome proxy service, Richard was fantastic to deal with and an absolute gentleman. Thanks again Richard!!
I am planning to buy the AE Verona 2 in brown, they look very similar to the Italian brands you mentioned but at a better price.
Thanks for the input gents, I was able to get someone to proxy the Chelsea with the rib collar from London.
Does anyone know if the Chelsea Rib Neck jacket in navy, size XL is available in the US? I have been looking for this jacket and have had no luck finding it in stock from a US retailer or a UK one that ships to the US. Any help appreciated!
Today, Richard James Edt, I really like it a lot in the fall/winter.
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