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Awesome proxy service, Richard was fantastic to deal with and an absolute gentleman. Thanks again Richard!!
I am planning to buy the AE Verona 2 in brown, they look very similar to the Italian brands you mentioned but at a better price.
Thanks for the input gents, I was able to get someone to proxy the Chelsea with the rib collar from London.
Does anyone know if the Chelsea Rib Neck jacket in navy, size XL is available in the US? I have been looking for this jacket and have had no luck finding it in stock from a US retailer or a UK one that ships to the US. Any help appreciated!
Today, Richard James Edt, I really like it a lot in the fall/winter.
Do the Comfort Craftsman and Lachlan fit the same? I have 10.5 G in the Comfort Craftsman, the width is perfect and the length might be a touch long, would in be a good idea to go with a 10 H on the Lachlan boot? Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance!
I bought them in both colors in my regular size during the recent sale, I like them, the fit could be a tad trimmer, but they're better than most donegal sweaters you will find out there. It might be possible to size down to get a trimmer fit.
What is the most relaxed cut in Drkshdw jeans? Torrence? Detroit? Berlin? Any others?
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