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Anyone know where to get a dainite resole on my Tricker's in San Francisco? I wore down one side prematurely stopping on my motorcycle. I guess I'll have to replace both soles early now.
namor, your cap-toes are looking good.
Thanks, the Indy toe stitching is cosmetic only so it won't hurt the boot if you break a couple stitches. I asked about that when I had regular Indys.
Here's some photos of my Unionmade grant last captoes. Daily motorcycle riding. Its pretty amazing actually how little damage there is from riding. If you click the photos for close ups you can see it better. I took these today after riding in the rain. I'm pretty sure I could polish out 90% of the scuffs in the photos. Maybe I'll do it later and post some before and after shots. Shell is some seriously resilient material.
Namor, those tobacco chamois indys look pretty rough. The commando sole looks great though. Shell probably would have maintained its appearance better in the same situation. I can understand your hesitation in using them for hiking though.
Shell boots are still boots. It just depends how you want them to look. If anything they should hold up better than cow leather in adverse conditions. I personally think all shell boots look better beat up. I wear mine on my motorcycle every day (different pairs). Banging around against the road and gear shifter scuffs them up pretty fast. Its probably harder on them than hiking but they still look great to me. The best part about shell is that you can brush out all...
Price Drop
Price Drop
That looks totally normal to me. I wouldn't worry about it.
br /> Im selling a pair of Alden Leather Soul Pitt Boots in black shell cordovan with antique edge-trim and double waterlock sole. These boots are in excellent condition. They have been worn about 10 times and have very light normal wear/ creasing. The photos were taken to the best of my ability being that shell cordovan is very reflective. The heels show almost no wear (see photos). No polish or brushes have been used yet. The size is US 10.5D on the Barrie last. Many...
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