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BDU Pant and Fisherman Pant will be available to match, or the S/S Smock Jacket as an alternative (not sure what this looks like TBH)Accessories wise, Button Shawl and Bucket Hat.I would have personally preferred an Andover jacket/pant combination.
I have been wondering the same. I am a TTS medium in all EG jackets and have never needed to size down!The fishtail parka is meant to be an oversized piece I think. As below, despite the pose failing to demonstrate sleeve length.My primary concern with sizing down relates to the shortened arm length which is undesirable for my dimensions (tall and lean at 6' tall), but staying TTS may equate to a jacket that is far too wide with excess material everywhere!Any feedback from...
A few pieces left via Steven Alan with 30% might be worth your while. All the briefcases and zippered totes were quick to sell out it seemed.
I have washed my olive ripstop Ghurka shorts twice in cold water, machine wash, at least twice since purchasing. No issues whatsoever. Colour is still the same and fabric still quite firm. No sign of any discolouration.
Did you try downstairs at Libertys London? They always stock a small selection.
I kopped the blue Dungaree cloth on the 19th Century BD. It's a thick fabric for a spring/summer shirt. Definitely more substantial than Chambray. I would compare to a soft/smooth denim fabric basically. Will be interesting to see how the colour (a purplish blue) will change after washing.EG used this fabric on the Bedford Jacket, Fatigue Pants and Work Shirt.Not sure how the Dungaree fabric compares in the various colours used (olive and beige), maybe others can comment?
Can anyone provide comment about sizing on Fatigue Shorts this season as well? Size small = 30" or 32" waist?
So that's where you kopped the floral print suit mentioned earlier? I'm looking forward to your fit pics!
Got my pair from End Clothing, but they only have XL left.If you're a smaller size, try Peggs & Son who have every size except XL in stock.
Great fits there @mbaum! Tell me, did you size your Mil Shirt as with all other shirting from EG? I thought this was more of a shirt/jacket piece, and most fit pics I've seen from JP stores are quite baggy/loose and unflattering.
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