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Here's a close up of the logo on the Tablier. To quote the designer by way of exlanation: There are "N" and 'Y" inside of Chinese letter "1". Shaped like a ramen bowel pattern.
Same, but it's dark and subtle enough not to be noticed. But it does kill it a bit for me... Just the one side for the logo, or both sides?
^ Thanks! All I need to confirm next is sizing....
I've got a friend travelling through NYC in the next week and hoping I can score the Ippudo x EG jacket as well! Any updates from locals who have managed to acquire?
PM your way. I am keen on this.
I concur. I bought my pair from TBB and they fit really well - waist adjusters actually work well, and the top block is not too loose despite the aggressive taper.I own a few cinch pants from the last few years and these are a nice change up.My Navy Serge Wool Andover from FW12 is in storage and hoping the colour from B1Ps will match so i can complete a full suit!
According to the article, "soon" from Midtown West location. Anyone located nearby who can verify if this will actually happen?
So cool! Ippudo Ramen is incredible and definitely worth a try. We have a couple of restaurants in Sydney Australia...
^ That's amazing. Thank for you sharing this video... my levels of appreciation for this jacket has now gone through the roof!!! I like the slow motion moment at 4:15 ...
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