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@hideous replica Mate, thanks also for the video. Being OCD myself, the level of detail and fanaticism definitely appealed to my detailed obsessed sensitivities. I would truly love to see you do more video reviews like this. Really great stuff! Personally, I am tentatively waiting on the SS15 release of the Highland Parka in a lightweight fabric (whilst still keeping it water resistant) and hope they adjust the usual EG sizing issues from current season. Note Haven fit...
@Knight The mismatched Trail Oxfords look great!
Bodega Store 20% Off EVERYTHING (no exceptions, as it includes EG for example as well). Code: STUFFED Black Friday to Cyber Monday.
Here's a close up of the logo on the Tablier. To quote the designer by way of exlanation: There are "N" and 'Y" inside of Chinese letter "1". Shaped like a ramen bowel pattern.
Same, but it's dark and subtle enough not to be noticed. But it does kill it a bit for me... Just the one side for the logo, or both sides?
^ Thanks! All I need to confirm next is sizing....
I've got a friend travelling through NYC in the next week and hoping I can score the Ippudo x EG jacket as well! Any updates from locals who have managed to acquire?
PM your way. I am keen on this.
I concur. I bought my pair from TBB and they fit really well - waist adjusters actually work well, and the top block is not too loose despite the aggressive taper.I own a few cinch pants from the last few years and these are a nice change up.My Navy Serge Wool Andover from FW12 is in storage and hoping the colour from B1Ps will match so i can complete a full suit!
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