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I have the Andover Jacket and Cinch Pant suit in Tropical Wool acquired and started wearing in 2015 (Southern Hemisphere summer) and it's an incredible fabric that is light and very comfortable (fabric breathes well). Much lighter in weight than cotton and does not wrinkle anywhere near as easily as linen (or cotton even).Cycling with a suit (or suit pants)... As much as possible I prefer to avoid sweating in dressier items of clothing to be honest.I also own the linen...
I'm 6' tall and despite having a long torso, I try to wear 19 C BDs tucked when in the office, but find myself constantly re-tucking! I wear size small because of my thin frame (medium is just too wide and boxy), and the overall length of the shirt just a touch too short for me.Even with high rise pants worn around my waist (I run the risk of pants sitting too high and showing too much sock), I struggle to remain looking "neat" as the shirt inevitably slips undone around...
Happy to help out mate.Waist: 33"Front rise: 11"Inner seam: 30.75"Leg opening: 6.75"It's a strong taper with a slim leg (not a tight fit at all on me), but sufficient room in the top block. I think you would have no issues with fit if the Cinch Pant fits you well in 32.Note i only ever cold wash. Hang dry only. Worn/washed maybe a dozen times and holding strong.Final note, canvas is super soft to the touch and quite thick/warm.Let me know if you need any extra info!
Definitely a slim fit, but fortunately I have thin legs. I have the Khaki 8oz Canvas version. Great pants IMHO. Let me know if you fit 32 and need dimensions.I also got a pair in same size (32) from SS15 (French Twill Olive) and they fit much baggier in comparison.
My pick for the season is the LT Parka in Navy Polka Dot Taffeta, which is a tightly woven nylon fabric. Water repellent, wind proof and with an adjustable/convertible length..
Having only visited the US on holidays a couple of years ago, what is the difference between Nordstrom and Bloomingdales? I was of the opinion both were typical department stores, Nordstrom being maybe a notch or two below in terms of quality/range of brands. At the time of my last trip in 2013, I thought it was interesting to note EG was carried in Bloomingdales SF and NYC. Only a small selection was stocked, but much to my surprise/amazement, I scored a couple of pieces...
BDU Pant and Fisherman Pant will be available to match, or the S/S Smock Jacket as an alternative (not sure what this looks like TBH)Accessories wise, Button Shawl and Bucket Hat.I would have personally preferred an Andover jacket/pant combination.
I have been wondering the same. I am a TTS medium in all EG jackets and have never needed to size down!The fishtail parka is meant to be an oversized piece I think. As below, despite the pose failing to demonstrate sleeve length.My primary concern with sizing down relates to the shortened arm length which is undesirable for my dimensions (tall and lean at 6' tall), but staying TTS may equate to a jacket that is far too wide with excess material everywhere!Any feedback from...
A few pieces left via Steven Alan with 30% might be worth your while. All the briefcases and zippered totes were quick to sell out it seemed.
I have washed my olive ripstop Ghurka shorts twice in cold water, machine wash, at least twice since purchasing. No issues whatsoever. Colour is still the same and fabric still quite firm. No sign of any discolouration.
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