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Here's a fit pic on the tshirts this season. Model is 5'7" and 145lbs and wearing a size small.
I am 6' tall and lean (72kg) with a 38" chest. My torso is quite long as well as my arms. I prefer a slimCross Neck Tee fit far too tight across the chest and too short length wise. It basically fit like a size Small from previous years. EG definitely sized them completely differently from previous seasons. Trust me on this. I swapped out for a large and it literally fits exactly the same as a size Medium from SS15 (they didn't release the tee shirt for FW16).As for the 19...
@tobiasfunke 19 Century BD is true to size this season! I went with my usual sizing (small). Cross Neck Tee runs small this season. So size up from your usual size. I went from medium (same size for past 3 years) to size large (for the first time ever).
@tobiasfunke We're about the same! I have SS15 Cinch Pant in Grey Tropical Wool, size 32, and they fit me perfect. Should have doubled down on the navy version as well. No issues with my large calves restricting movement within the trouser legs.
Oh damn! That's terrible news for me. What size did you try on?Was hoping the Cinch Pants to be a wider cut this season, particularly past the knees. As mentioned, FW16 had a very aggressive taper and simply didn't work for me. Couldn't lift my knees up at all!Willy Post Pant & Baker Jacket will the alternative solution and a much wider cut overall. The top block on the Willy Post pant is particularly roomy (based on SS16 fit), and I had no issues below the knees. Didn't...
Nepenthes sold out of UK8/US9 in Olive! Next size down available is UK7/US8. US$230 is much better priced than Japanese Yen 48,000 (which equates to USD$415 or so!).
Yes. Comes complete with annoyingly loud ticking sound and inability to keep correct time (I'm constantly adjusting the time). However, it looks ridiculously cool as hell, so that basically offsets any detracting features mentioned above.
@zunker I have this shirt as well, and you will note how thick and substantial the fabric is. Also upon close inspection, the tattersall woven pattern is very detailed considering the various shades of blue stripes throughout that creates an interesting pattern overall. How this translates to pricing as mentioned above, also has a lot to do with labour to manufacture. Price of materials + labour from manufacturing = $$$
Shout outs to Jima who is does the photography for the men's and women's lookbook, as well as the image used on the various swing tags!
I'm patiently awaiting for the Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2017 thread to appear. Unless I am mistaken? @Drinkwaters or @CSCoHammers7 ?
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