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@timpoblete Wrong thread bro! Don't make me keep looking at SS14 thread for all this AW14 goodness!
Thanks mate. I went with size medium (my size for all Bedfords past and present), so hopefully will work out. Surprisingly, the Expedition Jacket now available for half price at a few stores online.
Can anyone comment on sizing on the Expedition Jacket? True to size or size down? I'm tempted at sale prices on offer!
Found via Instagram from pure chance. Didn't want to blow up the user, so I avoided linking direct. Don't want to get anyone in trouble!
^ This is true, but will require the loose end of the belt to be cut back as well (too long as it is) and the edges to be burnished to match existing. Could prove all to hard versus acquire correct size and unload existing! And how about some teaser shots of SS 2015?
Having noticed a few teenagers in Sydney wearing a jacket very similar to the EG Tri Colour Beach Popover, I finally uncovered the label who is clearly appropriating a few details from Daiki Suziki and passing it off as their own... Assembly Label Pacific Parker Note the colour blocking is very similar, except the EG features raglan sleeves in a different blue. But the left arm pocket and rear zipper pocket are identical! Obviously we are looking at popover versus...
Nice quality, but sizing is very odd (as to be expected). I was recommended to size up to 36" (I am a TTS 32") and should have only sized up to 34".I'm looking to buy a 34" and sell my 36". I would add another hole, but don't want the additional length on the loose end of the belt strap!
Question on sizing on the printed pocket tshirts which seem to be available still and on sale at a few stores.... how did those of you who purchased go with sizing? Measurements from OIpolloi (which I generally trust) seem to indicate sizing up! And from Gentry, their sizing as per below which seems around 1/2" bigger:
@timpoblete I'm keen to see what WP Brooklyn will start stocking and if they will set up an online store as well this season. As you will note on IG, they have already started stocking a few bits and pieces of FW14.
I want to see fit pics of the leopard print Bedford suit!
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