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I have a Navy Serge Wool Andover Jacket from FW12 and never found the matching pants, but good thing the B1P Pants released in the same colour/fabric this season. They match perfectly!
I ordered mine and whilst it's just too hot in Sydney to wear this right now (middle of summer), I got it for a steal (in size Medium) with 25% off via SA.
I'm a big fan of the looks put together by Gentry crew.E-1 pants paired with all white Air Force 1 Lows I think works well:
@lawlercon More fit pics for your blog and/or on here please!
I received and returned the Shawl Collar Knit Cardigan, size medium was too short in the sleeves for me. Shoulders fit well and overall length not too cropped, but having 1.5 inch gap along the wrist was too much!
Light Parka in yellow that was featured in the recent EG video.
That's also a FW14 release as well I believe.
Found some photos via IG from Nepenthes Japan (not sure which store exactly). FWK
@hideous replica Mate, thanks also for the video. Being OCD myself, the level of detail and fanaticism definitely appealed to my detailed obsessed sensitivities. I would truly love to see you do more video reviews like this. Really great stuff! Personally, I am tentatively waiting on the SS15 release of the Highland Parka in a lightweight fabric (whilst still keeping it water resistant) and hope they adjust the usual EG sizing issues from current season. Note Haven fit...
@Knight The mismatched Trail Oxfords look great!
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