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Yes or no? Should I just stick with the Sperry original topsider?
Looking to buy a summer shoe that goes with everything. Both of these are Sperry. Which would you buy?? Welcome everyones opinion. Thanks! This: That: Not sure how I feel about that sticking contrast on this oxford.
wrong section sorry
Anyone heard of the brand Camper? This is the woodie boot. I like the look curious if it will hold up.
Got another one for you. Fossil Jessie Boot I'm sure they are lower quality, but the lower price is attractive. Anyone experience with fossil boots? What you guys think? I like it, but I believe they are only in UK and I have no experience with Caterpillar boots . Not sure if they are worth it. Anybody ever have Caterpillar boots??
I finally got one. Thanks though. Hopefully as more guys use the site it will not be as girl centered. Thought I would share to others. I found the site to be pretty interesting although sometimes girly, but I can't seem to get an invite. Some of the DIY stuff is pretty cool..
What you guys think?? Heres the Clarks link.
See that's what I think, but I have people (family) are in my ear saying "Make sure you can wear it for more thank 1 year" and it is just making me 2nd guess myself.
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