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Yes or no? Should I just stick with the Sperry original topsider?
Looking to buy a summer shoe that goes with everything. Both of these are Sperry. Which would you buy?? Welcome everyones opinion. Thanks! This: That: Not sure how I feel about that sticking contrast on this oxford.
wrong section sorry
Anyone heard of the brand Camper? This is the woodie boot. I like the look curious if it will hold up. http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/camper/Camper-woodie-ankle-boot-item-10126023.aspx?storeid=-1
Got another one for you. Fossil Jessie Boot I'm sure they are lower quality, but the lower price is attractive. Anyone experience with fossil boots?
http://www.catfootwear.com/UK/en-GB/Product.mvc.aspx/20209M/0/Mens/Walton?dimensions=0 What you guys think? I like it, but I believe they are only in UK and I have no experience with Caterpillar boots . Not sure if they are worth it. Anybody ever have Caterpillar boots??
I finally got one. Thanks though. Hopefully as more guys use the site it will not be as girl centered.
http://pinterest.com/ Thought I would share to others. I found the site to be pretty interesting although sometimes girly, but I can't seem to get an invite. Some of the DIY stuff is pretty cool..
What you guys think?? Heres the Clarks link. http://www.clarksusa.com/eng/product/desert_mali_men/34321
See that's what I think, but I have people (family) are in my ear saying "Make sure you can wear it for more thank 1 year" and it is just making me 2nd guess myself.
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