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I'm happy with my EG, but I don't think it ran me $185.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Maybe it's just my monitor but all of these so-called "grey" shoes look brown to me. It's pretty hard to capture grey, especially when there's brown in there. JL pewter is as grey as I'd like to go, and that's still pretty brown (Luffield on the left is pewter museum; Marston on the right is dark brown museum):
count me in the "grey ain't so nice" group. These JL Ascots in deep grey August never see any action: The color does not photograph easily:
10.5E. Your mileage may vary.
a quick view:
I have several of their MTM and they fit very well. The quality of the cloth is good, but they could do with a larger selection. If they actually offered mother-of-pearl buttons, I'd definitely buy more.
BB shops are just now getting their Spring 2008 BF sales materials. There are a few intriguing items in there: DB navy linen blazer, seersuckers both bold and subtle, and a beige twill (?) suit. The chick stuff is hot, too. Maybe it's just the model. I'm guessing we'll see an online update soon...
I've got a thing for their BF model:
Sold! To the buyer, wear them in good health and with aplomb. To SF, thanks!
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