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TZ showcase at at Search for similar D-Ds to set your price. Good photos help.
For sheer number of unsolicited compliments, JL Jermyn IIs:
I generally dislike metal buttons, so much that I've "converted" blazers to sport jackets with button changes. I chose to keep these on this week's blazer damage. Navy Black Fleece linen:
Here's a Q&D shot of my gray-green 2720s from FramesDirect ($113). Straightest sunglasses I own:
Quote: Originally Posted by timeless Carriage Trade....very expensive but the best by far. I've never used them, but I have seen their work with cashmere sweaters and it is very impressive.
The cotton is very soft. I think the buttons are MOP, but it's a very tough call. If they are MOP, they are among the most plasticky. The fit is comparatively slim (I wear a BF size three and it's a touch tight in the chest, but just fine in the waist). Some have said the sleeves are long, but I actually have mine shortened at the shoulder. They do shrink considerably. I'm happy that they're now available in non-BD collars.
Once you go bespoke... The cost of the first pair is the hardest; once you take delivery and wear them, it's hard to go back.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Did the BB ones come with working buttons last season? My TB for BG has non-working ones, now I feel really gypped... Still, trying to do a sleeve alteration when the buttons are working does compound the difficulty somewhat. Yeah, this season's non-functional buttonholes come as a surprise. My 23.5 sleeve made it difficult, and so do TB's "official [non-]alteration rules". But they can be shortened at...
vintage paisley from Liberty of London:
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy 16520man is that Alexandar Julian by any chance? It's a Preti, which I think is a house label for Boyd's. Apparently, my wardrobe is not shy of purple: not pictured: purple velour lounge suits; matching hat.
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