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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm excuse my ignorance, but does that F stand for an F width, or perhaps signify an F last? F width in a U last:
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Do you, uh, own those 3636? Owned. They were too over the top, so I traded them in on some Louboutin boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I thought Vass didn't "do" widths. The shoe widths are scaled by size, one per only. No? Otherwise, me & grimslade would be stuck with the 3636 last:
Vass Old English Medallion in antique cognac. The U last can actually look pretty elegant in an "F" width:
PM sent
Consider Bob Ridley in Texas for Valjoux work. He does exceptional work and has an excellent international reputation.
Both, but double first:
Following through on the double monk goodness: yesterday's shoe damage. There can be only one: JL Chapel. I liked them so much in black museum that I just ordered a pair in Parisian brown suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by revenant 3. Discords. As in music, discords in the right place create tension and generate interest. Almost balanced but not quite. Like a woman almost naked, it is most eye catching. Although this is most interesting, it is also dangerous. For too much unbalance brings ruin. FTFY. Excellent first post. Welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mustapha Beautiful shoes, but, ... compliments? They've never been outside your house. Au contraire
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