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Retailers should have the Autumn '08 book available. One thing that stands out is the camel DB jacket with gray camel pants. For women, there's a great (but not over-the-top) cape dress. After last season's roominess, all the stuff seems to have tightened up.
One more vote for Panerai love.
Quote: Originally Posted by Margaret Wow, looks like a great fit, except the arms look disproportionately long. The jacket doesn't look as nearly as long, based on where your crotch seems to be; or are your pants riding low? My arms are disproportionately short. Even TB sleeves have to be shortened for me. Those jeans ride a little low, and my inseam is 29.5".
I made it a point to stop at Bergdorf-Goodman today to check out their Tom Ford suits. Their TF MTM program isn't up yet, but they had a decent OTR stock. My first impressions were: 1) LOTS of waist suppression. I'm fit but not skinny and the jacket had me breathing shallow; 2) TF apparently likes a long jacket; 3) shoulders aren't as roped as the Bond look; 4) buttoning point is a touch low, at least for my 5'8" self; 5) nice hand stitching along the arm seams. Grainy...
Quote: Originally Posted by pledge I couldn't find the original post, but what shade of Vass cognac are these shoes? I love the Old English model. Antique. -Karl
You can get a leather strap/clasp from Rolex, but it will be expensive. I often get custom straps from ABP in Paris. As far as an additional link for the bracelet, it may not be as expensive as you think. As best I can tell from your terrible pic, you have an older, plexiglass crystal head with a 19mm bracelet. If it's an Oyster bracelet, it could be solid, folded, or rivet link. If it's a Jubilee, it could be solid or folded. If it's a President bracelet, it could get...
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Is Vass F width as in UK F? Yes. -Karl
Size 44F U last Vass Old English (in)action shot:
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Alden wingtip boots in #8 - no doubt posted numerous times in this thread. robin, your pic of those boots are helping me rationalize an Alden order.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Was the F width in a U last a special order? Did it cost extra for them to do? Definitely a special order, but I don't think there was an extra charge. Ordered 3/15; delivered 6/13.
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