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Take a trip to Boyds; there's a huge selection of suits. Also, try the Black Label suits at Ralph Lauren and the Brooks Brothers 1818 "Fitzgerald". If you get it tailored like the pics, however, expect a 3AM "visit" from a random SFer.
Have you considered a 5196? Simple & elegant:
The BB BF site is updated marginally: the "advertising" section shows some of the Fall/Winter line.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Does the owner of the white and black shoes also have a Cadillac and a 6 button suit? Snagged.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay My local store has very little inventory, so no sneak preview from them. Were there any db suits? Navy blazers? PM sent.
Very nice. Some 2006, but still good, BB porn:
The camel DB and cape dress in question: Sorry for the crappé iPhone pics. -Karl
Last night at my local store.
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