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I just got my 7000 last trees for $120 shipped from JL Madison Avenue.
Thanks, all. Actually, I have a brown pair coming, assured there will be photos!
Thankfully they're subtle. I ordered them in March. Imagine my horror when I saw skulls & crossbones everywhere in April, everywhere from Hot Topic to Urban Outfitters. Anyway, here are photos taken in natural light (no tripod); the flash washed out the suede in the earlier pics.
I just got my first pair of Barker Black Spectators in black & ivory (special ordered due to my "EE" wide foot). There seem to be some mixed feelings about the brand on SF, so I figured I'd post some detail pics. After a day's wear, I find them to be comfortable. At first the toplines were a little hard, but after a couple of hours they softened up. I have a pair of "regular" Barkers as well. The materials and workmanship of the Blacks exceeds them. And of course, the...
Having seen him "over there" and in the US, I think he turns it up a notch for American audience. And he dresses better than that creepy Jack Cafferty.
The trees are unbranded but are indeed from Paul, who is quite the gentleman.
Sorry, I didn't break out the pro photo equipment, but wanted to share my new Saphir kit, as well as the best damn trees I've ever had. I like A-E/Woodlore Ultras, but these are just elegant and well-built, with a full heel and high vamp:
but when I wanna splurge, I buy one of these from Woodlore: The wood is smooth and splinter free and my 42 jackets hang very well from it.
I spoke with him today. Apparently, he is very busy. Seller's market...
I am having my first bespoke suit made and ask for the Forum's assistance. I am having two pairs of pants done, and plan to have one pair to be made strictly for braces. Do any forum members have photos of the options available for the back of the pant? I have scoured the Forum, and found many mentions of split back, "V" back, and English back, but have seen very few examples of what exactly these look like. Best, Karl
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