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Just because I'm wearing one today, my deployant. It's elegant, comfortable and not too fiddly. And I can drive more comfortably with my hand out the window.
I would suggest the vintage rolex forum for your valuation questions. That's pretty much the address. Those guys will nail it down to the penny. You will have to post pics, though. If your Sub is from the mid-fifties, it will have no crown guards. It will be worth lots of money if it's in good shape. More with papers. Let us know the numbers between the lugs at 6:00. 6536 or 5508 are the most likely numbers.
Reduced to $160.
I've had this RL jacket for some 20+ years. It's been repaired, taken in, and even had its lining replaced over that time. It's comfortable, but every time I wear it, it just seems bulky, and it's more than the heavy fabric that creates this impression.So, other than some correction for the obvious right shoulder drop, does anyone have any suggestions? Take in the chest? More waist suppression? Remove some shoulder padding? Thanks for any suggestions.
16-16.25" neck 21" chest 17" shoulder 26" arm 31" length
$350 shipped or they're off to ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by bpc Could you please list measurements in inches, heel to toe and widest part? Thanks. Benjamin Heel to toe: 12 7/8 Widest part: 4 1/2
HermeĢ€s Cosmos:
I'm wearing one as a square today:
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Boehm I echo the American/Breat Britain sentiment. What is your size in a U.S. shoe (preferably Alden)? 10.5E (wide)
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