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Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot That is is. Bris - just keep in mind that color of Dark Oak in the photo seems especially light where it is not antiqued. Usually it will be a bit darker all around. Just want to make sure your expectations are in proper shape! Yes, Dark Oak is gorgeous, but it definitely doesn't look much like Bris' picture. It's much darker ... but great looking and amazingly versatile as it works with so many things....
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I have those and have never worn them. They're beautiful shoes, but I never know what to pair them with. I've even been thinking of purging them. What should I wear them with? Wear 'em with jeans. Navy anything, charcoal too.
Just ask the man, he will tell you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley I've used their MTM service and its decent. Their head bespoke tailor is a Russian guy (forget his name) - nice guy but you can get better stuff in NYC. I would love to know who in NYC you would recommend.
Originally posted by Vox Populi RMW has stopped selling shoe trees. They might re-consider if they saw this boot! Actually, does anyone know where I might get them in the UK? Might be a few on sale somewhere.[/quote] A good generic cedar shoe tree should work fine with those boots.
I so enjoy seeing shoes that have actually been worn on threads such as this. They have life. They have presence.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I get more positive comments on double monk straps than any other style of shoe. They are traditional but elegant. I wear them with suits and jeans. No regrets. All systems "GO". Ditto! Ditto!! Ditto!!!
Nice shoe. How to they compare to ... Edward Green? They don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister These were dirt cheap at USD67 and I wish I had bought them to resell but who knows about Fratelli Rossetti spectator two-tone shoes? Those are actually pretty nice shoes, and happen to be the very pair I sold on eBay a couple of years ago when they brought just a tick under $180. The buyer evidentally decided he didn't want them anymore. Fratelli Rossetti issued two different spectators three years...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The skins used for Lobb are better quality, and construction standards are higher. I prefer the design of EG 95% of the time, however. Therein lies the real point of much of this discussion. These are all high quality shoes, but which company produces the best designs. For me EG's sing ... the lasts, details, and design proportions are the most tasteful and elegant out there. G&G and the other high quality...
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