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I know you didn't ask, but IMO the faux wingtip Inverness is a much better looking shoe. Cleaner and sleeker, it looks amazing in all the lasts you are considering. It rocks in the 606 and 888 lasts as well while the Malvern does not. The Malvern is nice enough, but looks like something my dad would have worn and he wasn't, well, very stylish. He wore Church's, and the Malvern is the EG shoe that looks like Church's to me. I'm just sayin' ...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister This just goes to show how bad the BB photos are on their website. If they had looked this good I would have bought a pair on sale. They looked great IMO on the BB website as well, but they were produced on an incredibly narrow, "pinched toe" last. One of the least comfortable pair of shoes I've ever tried on. Just horrible.
Also, keep in mind that Dark Oak seldom photographs well. It is quite unique and nearly always photographs lighter in shade than what it is in reality. That being said, I own both and would still give the versatility nod to Burgundy. Buy the color YOU like best because IMHO you cannot make a mistake here. Both are subtle and beautiful!
You cannot go wrong with either Dark Oak or Burgundy. They are both incredibly versatile, with a slight nod to Burgundy as it amazingly works with just about anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen Peal on sale:§ionsize= This Peal & Co. is a great spectator and it is made by Alfred Sargent. Dark Brown Calf and White Nubuck. Much higher quality then the Melly. A very nice shoe and a great bargain if they have your size.
This thread is useless. It is certainly not a regional issue! And for those of the "never wear untucked" persuasion ... you should be ashamed for commenting about anything in a forum dedicated to contemporary men's style. You need to get the stick out of your a.., people!
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Yeah, I think there's some truth to this, and I'm not just talking about Foo. The clothing forum culture in general tends to focus on dressing in compliance with perceived norms. Over at Andy's, it's about dressing conservatively, so as not to stand out, or dressing in the styles of ye olde better days, when men were white and women were secretaries. Here, we like the SF uniform and heckling the guys on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is very ivy league with a vast array of brillliant minds making difficult for a silent majority of Sfers to participate to certain debates without showing their ignorance. Huh?
I don't think an edge dressing is the answer on those boots. I would try a tan wax first in order to retain the beautiful color and sole edge layering details on that boot. Either Kiwi or Saphir should work fine. Edge dressing is much like paint or stain and will probably obscure the wonderful contrast between the sole edge and boot leather that you want to preserve. Go with wax. It also will seal the sole edge for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by mtsoccer4 This thread gives good insight about what kind of money people are WILLING to spend on things; most of the posters probably have quality stuff (I gather only because they are posting on StyleForum, but this may not necessarily be the case), but have managed to keep their spending low. Others have quite willingly paid thousands for clothing items, often probably at the same quality level as others who spent much less....
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