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PhiloVance is correct. Dead on!!!
Whoa! I haven't seen boat shoes in Southern California since I tossed the last Vineyard Vines catalog the USPS left on my front porch.
Interesting that someone with the SF name of fo(u)rex would use such a pejorative term for those who wear double monks. I am sure all our stylish friends at Sid Mashburn would have a good laugh after reading that post.
The tongue on those Monks is longer the Paris Hilton's. Great Monks shouldn't have such long tongue.
I have it . Paid $10 plus change on Amazon. It's a silly book that has it's moments. Clothing is not of consequence.
Quote: Originally Posted by kennydrama - the pink looks better and lighter in the original Gee, I much prefer the new and more vibrant pink, especially after a few launderings. More stylish, I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff The english don't know how to make penny loafers, those are way too pretentious. The beauty of the penny loafer (IMO anyway), is the practical functionality of it. When you start structuring the toe, elongating the toe and trying to make the last shape look too perfect, you lose the soul of the shoe. Yesssssssssssss!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by AJR Journal I live in Milwaukee and I want to wear my spectators in to the Fall and Winter seasons. We have a true 3 month Fall and we get 3 solid months of Winter. I have both Black/White and Brown/White AEs. Any suggestions on how to pull this off? Are there any guidelines? Any suggestions? Have at me. It is not something you should do. It's inappropriate and in poor taste, strange and weird. Save them...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS EG price > C&J / Church's price And worth every penny ...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Carpenter. So, nail gun and cost underestimation would be the two main tools of the trade. - B Nope, not Jesus. However, his father Joseph was a carpenter. Jesus was a teacher and had no interest in shirt pleats.
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