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Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 I like how none of them have been worn. This is amazingly common on this forum. It's like people who buy Porsches and never drive them. It's a cryin' shame, not to mention a terrible waste. Still, those shoes are impressive. A bit redundant, but impressive.
Can we see one with gold chain as well? Thanks.
Adelaide group shot for your viewing pleasure...[Photo's taken on wife's compact camera so not great I'm afraid] These represent the most effective and instantaneous therapy I have ever experienced. My shoe guilt has been released. I am cleansed. Thank you for setting me free, jjl.
Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon These are nice, dead ringer for AS. They are AS.
Pasquale's on San Vicente near Hauser. Easily the best cobbler/shoe repair in Los Angeles. The work is exquisite.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Like these? Those are them! Truly great looking spectators!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Well you're the one who posted the pic, no? If you have a more representative pic, pls post it and I'll update my opinion. I couldn't give a flying one that you own all EG colors to be honest, if anything it means you have no real defined taste. And duh... yeah it's a matter of personal preference... isn't that what this whole thread is about? Tisk, tisk, tisk ...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 meh. Dark oak, burgundy and burnt pine look better than this ^ Photo is too red, so actually you don't know the color and therefore what's good-better-best in the group. They are all wonderful and it's simply a matter of personal preference and what works best with your wardrobe. Most of these colors vary from pair-to-pair. Dark Oak, for example has several gradations and color looks. I have 'em all and...
Quote: Originally Posted by braised Post a picture of Hazel, please. B
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Ask for Hazel. It's a little red on dark oak. Yesssss!!! Hazel Antique is an amazing, great looking mid-brown that for some reason is never mentioned on this forum. Lighter than Dark Oak, darker than Burnt Pine. It's my favorite!
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