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Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy If you really want the BEST, though, the best chinos in my opinion are the Unis "Gio". Their store is in NYC, so go check them out. They're very expensive, though. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by LatinStyleLover 10-day auctions are great if you start them on Thursday night. The auction will end on Sunday night, when people are home to make any adjustments to their bid snipes AND you get two full weekends of exposure. Starting an auction on Thursday night and having it end 10-days later on Sunday night makes perfect sense to me. +1
Fratelli Rossetti. For that money they should be amazing.
Hazel is an incredibly nice brown shade and I think would be a wonderful addition to your amazing EG collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy My floor at home isn't this dirty, it was taken on BART going into San Francisco. Love this! Would very much appreciate knowing who made the socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by while we're here, any good resources for no-show/loafer socks. The only truly great one is made by Falke (Invisible Socks), IMHO. All the others show to one degree or another.
My experience with the EG 202 and 606 is that the fit is identical. As for sleekness, these lasts are sleek enough, keeping in mind that I wear an 11.5/12. If you think they are blobby, just compare them with Alden. Alden's are truly blobby and clunky to me and I will not wear them. The EG 202 and 606 provide an amazing and stylish middle ground and don't elongate my rather large foot like G&G and many of the C&J lasts. The C&J 337 last in particular looks like skis in...
Apples and Oranges, IMO. EG and G&G provide different looks. Also, one is more expensive (G&G) than the other (EG). EG has a very precise yet warmer, more welcoming look and feel and a more attractive last selection, IMHO. It is the one I prefer. G&Gs are more severe and fashion forward in styling. To me, EGs have more grace. It much depends on your personal style. As to finish and craftsmanship, they are both the cat's meow and should not disappoint anyone. There is no...
Holy shit! It appears that Crockett & Jones owners actually wear their shoes ... unlike the Edward Green, John Lobb and G & G people on this forum. I guess that's the difference between utilitarian objects and works of art, huh?
I answered no because red is not a good color on me. Gingham can look great ... or Opie-esque. I think one must be careful. Depending what it is worn with, red gingham can crowd this line. That said, I would never wear any shirt with a mitered cuff.
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