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I would like to order an Edward Green single-monk Oundle or Troon and a double-monk Westminster on either a 202 or 606 last. I own several 5-eyelet EG lace-ups (Inverness, Lichfield, etc.) in these lasts and I am wondering if the single- and double-monk straps will have the same fit. I don't want to assume identical fit and be sorry later if they happen to fit poorly. Does anyone here own both EG 5-eyelet lace-ups and monk straps and have an opinion on how one fits vs....
I have no need to write E.G. You may have confused me with someone earlier in this thread.
What defines a junior member vs. a senior member?
Yes. I would have pictures of the actual shoes but the website is rejecting my downloads because the files sizes are too large. I am new at this and I am going to try to diminish the photos so that they will load. Thanks for your patience.
These have only been worn once. Incredibly beautiful dark brown hand grade oxfords in a most graceful last. Includes mint original box and shoe bags. $400 shipped anywhere in the continental United States.
Don't care for them at all ... and I love spectators! I agree that detailing with color in the lace area would give the shoe more balance and better presence.
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