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Same size and fit I buy. Looks terrific!!!
I'm mildly surprised this thread even got started. Where can you actually buy decent clothing in Los Angeles anymore?
Alfred Sargent. Quality level is equal with AS Peale's for Brooks Brothers. Better styling, though, on Sid Mashburn's models, IMHO.
As to Sid Mashburn's price point on shirts, the specs they continually quote (stitches/inch, button material, etc.) are at least as much about marketing as they are substance. The actual construction and sewing values are somewhere in the middle. I never compared their shirts to anyone else. Sure, there are all kinds of overpriced goods out there. So what. Sid's shirts are okay and a decent value for the price. However, they are not the nirvana some make them out to be.
Where did I say this? I said that a person was safe in seeking SM's guidance, meaning that when they left the store no one will have to issue a "dressed in the dark alert," so to speak, and in fact that they will look pretty good.Methinks you misinterpret.
Ah, sounds like a direct quote from the store. I have heard these very words at least 100 times. I don't want to beat a dead horse. The shirts are okay. Amazing, uh, no.
Sid Mashburn gets amazing press because he is a master at promotion, marketing, etc. Terms like "curate" and "edit" (fairly recently adopted by the fashion industry) are used continually in positioning the company as some sort cutting edge men's traditional shop, if such a concept weren't so self-contradictory. It's a better than okay shop with a decent selection of basic kinds of goods, nothing really wrong with it. Quality is midrange (shirts, shoes, etc) in most...
IMHO the 82 last looks better in smaller sizes, while the 202 last is beautiful and superior in larger sizes, particularly anything 11 and up. I am talking about appearance, not fit.
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Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Wow, is that Dom DeLouise circa Cannonball Run in the first pic? Awesome That's actually chef Paul Prudhomme. He does bear an uncanny resemblance to Dom.
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