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So like what happens when you walk on those hardwood floors in your beautiful new shoes with METAL TOE PLATES? Just wondering ...
Where can you buy these fun, colorful boxers in the United States?
Please tell me those are not Allen Edmonds as displayed on the tree plates? Then I am hoping you will tell me who actually made them ...
They are my go-to tie when wearing a SC with nice jeans. It's a great look and gets many compliments, although I wear Drake's which have a richer, more substantial look than any other flat-bottom knit maker I have found.
Very nice socks. Who makes them?
SM Double Monks definitely run wide.
I don't know ... I feel like I have been here more than long enough after this one.
Never have I seen so much made out of nothing. How can so many people have so much time and so much to say about something so inconsequential, especially when it involves such an incredible amount of conjecture. Sixteen pages of this crap. Something is seriously wrong here ... much more with forum members (and that includes the OP!) than the commercial entities mentioned. Everyone ... get back to life's meaningful pursuits, like finding a nice new pair of shoes for...
These are all excellent points and spot on. Anyone who has dealt with Leffot knows what a classy store it is, with wonderful products and pricing that is certainly fair within the context of their position in the marketplace and what they bring to the table.This entire thread says nothing positive about the culture here at Styleforum and reflects horribly on the OP. Grow up ... get over it ... and move on!
Why should Leffot comment on such an asinine thread? No need to defend oneself when you have done nothing wrong. I believe Steven is simply taking the higher road and assuming this ridiculous Styleforum back and forth will die out, as it should have a long time ago.
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