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Wings and Horns Bush Pants Price $70 Shipped within North America Size 32 Worn many times but still have lots of life left
Wings and Horns Japanese Moto Pants Price 100 Shipped within North America Brand new with tags Size 33
W+H (OG foul weather bomber) APC PS CP
TBS coupon was gonna expire so had to kop =) Shipped on Monday and received today (Wednesday)
Thanks Bryan at Leather Soul
Sorry for shitty phone pics I took a quick fit pic (once again not the best quality)
@evel. Yeah the 50 fit pretty good. I am roughly 5'10" and 175 lbs. Hope this helps.
@evel At the time Barney's only had this jacket in the green. It is slightly darker in real life. @yolo emshi The pants are Nonnative. Here is a couple links for your info just in case (scroll to middle of page) http://havenshop.ca/the_latest_news/nonnative-2012-spring-summer-cafe%C2%B4-hafa-collection/ and here http://www.nonnative.com/nonnative_2012ss/Styles/7/
Hey these are RRL Here is a link http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743&ab=global_men_rrl The regiment ripstop cargo. They are a slim straight and fit really nice. I will try to get a fit pic up soon.
New Posts  All Forums: