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Junya Chore Jacket Visvim 101 Gitman flannel WM cords W+H
x post sufu A couple days back Geller W+H Nonnative Work Attire yesterday EG J Crew CM Aldens
Thanks Sutocorp
Uniqlo Visvim Junya (floral) NdG Yuketen
EG Visvim W+H CP
I have a junya x duvetica and Camo Jacket that I am trying to selling that are up in the classifieds at the moment. Not in a hurry to sell but would be nice to make some room in the closet to to fit future purchases =)I have a couple of Junya jackets in XL that I have in my closet. I will let you know if I decide to sell them=)You will be the first to know if and when I get tired of my most recent Junya jacket...lol
Lol I know I have a problem.
Ten C Nonnative Junya
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