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Gmas - I'm pretty sure there was another medium at the Richmond location. Post some fit pics if you decide to get it =) Slack - I hear ya man, this is not your typical pattern on a shirt and just seeing pics of this shirt alone does not do it justice. After I saw fit pics on Roden Gray and Tres Bien shop this pattern definitely grew on me and got me sold on it. According to Tres Bien shop, this shirt contains 6% ramie (read up on its properties on Wiki) but my shirt...
oh and how could I forget the fit pic. Not the best angle but you get the idea. For reference this shirt is a medium and I am about 5'10" and 170 lbs.
Picked this up today at Nomad. Here are some pics for your enjoyment =)
^The tweed pants are a size 32 so not an odd size at all. Maybe they were returned without tags or something because the tag (from the pics) was handwritten.
Here in Toronto you can definitely wait until sale time and find plenty of decent items on sale with sizes available. More often than not you can still find stuff at the 2nd/3rd markdown too! edit: If I remember correctly the fireman jacket was $269 then marked down to 169->99->69. At 69 there were still a couple mediums and a small from what I remember.
x-post from waywt Picked up this fireman jacket last spring for $69 plus an additional 20% off and the wool pants (a couple weeks back) for $29 plus 20% off
CM Gitman Vintage CM CP's
Got this a couple weeks ago at the Club Monaco at the Eaton Center (Toronto). These were $19 plus an additional 20% off with student discount. The sales dude said they were originally over $200! They are a very nice slim fit pant and have a smooth lining on the inside that goes down to the knees (similar to the wings and horns wool trousers) I dont know if I will ever wear these tweed pants but at this price I had to get them =) Over the past month I have also...
Thanks Whatever123 for the proxy!
Can't let Slack Tide have all the fun with posting pics =) Thought I would share a pic I took on my trip to LA last week driving along the PCH. Anti-Fit Chino
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