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Beams + W+H (corded cloth) OSB
http://www.brownsfashion.com/product...2M27570006.htm Can't believe these are 80GBP at Browns. Picked these same ones up at Eaton Center today for $49.99CDN (promo) I was surprised at how well they fit. I sized down from my W+H size. In my opinion these chinos feel a bit more substantial in terms of fabric when compared to the W+H version. They actually remind me a bit of the UNIS chinos. I know the quality and construction of UNIS chinos are definitely more...
malaujai I forgot to ask about the student discount on the Mark McNairy shoes and wasn't thinking about duties either...actually just wanted to see if they had them in person so I could go and physically handle them and try them on....140 sounds ok..but 300 is def a bit steep. Last time I was at Eaton Center they only had the salmon colour ones...do they have more colours now...I am looking for the lighter blue one....
This is a great lightweight jacket for those colder sring/summer days. It is a size Large but fits a bit slimmer. 100% cotton (herringbone pattern) and uses an IDEAL zipper (same one used on some of the Wings + Horns zip ups). The grey hood can easily be removed if you wish. Worn at most 5 times and needs a new home. Purchased at Holt Renfrew for about $219. Measurements p2p 22.5" s2s 18" PRICE $120 shipped in North America
yeah called the bloor location about the McNairy shoes as well and they told me they wouldn't arrive until june/july and I could special order it from the 5th ave location in NYC (shipping would be $15-$20) if I wanted them now. Tried on the Davis chinos too the other day and the fit is really nice. Very similar to the Unis ones. Very reasonably priced at $69 plus 20% student discount. I really like the blue ones. Might try to hold off until the first price drop tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 i certainly hope it wasn't anything i said. I think I have to say that you were the catalyst =)
Your wish is my command...here is some SHOE PORN! The "BIG THREE" and I am not talking about GM, FORD & CHRYSLER =) Another angle
Fit pic =)
Purchased today at www.shoplostfound.com (just a splash page right now) Toronto peeps have to go visit this place in person. The store has a small but nice selection of clothes. The owner (jhoo04) is a really nice guy and a great person to have a conversation with (very knowledgeable). These things are really amazing. This trail oxford came in both brown and blue. I ended up getting the blue ones and glad I did!!
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