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Thanks guys...I will try to post some fit pics of the CREEP chinos soon and I'll put them in the original post a couple pages back. I got them from http://www.lavishandsqualor.com/ They are a shop here in Toronto and they are currently working on a webshop so you will not find it on their website. Not sure if they take phone orders. They have a 30, 32 and a 34 left in the khaki..maybe 36. The navy versions sold out faster and they have a 36 left. In my opinion...
EDIT For those of you who were interested here are some fit pics
W+H W+H CP's
These jeans were purchased at TNT Blu back in 2006 and have been sitting in my closet almost since then. They retailed for $400! I got them for 50% off. From what I remember Avelon is the luxury line of BlueBlood. I tried to google some more info on this brand but very little came up. White Selvage, Chainstiched hem, and Black Pocket bags are just some of the nice details that this jean has. Measurements (unaltered) Waist:17" Thigh:12.5" Inseam:34" Leg...
Beams + W+H (corded cloth) OSB
http://www.brownsfashion.com/product...2M27570006.htm Can't believe these are 80GBP at Browns. Picked these same ones up at Eaton Center today for $49.99CDN (promo) I was surprised at how well they fit. I sized down from my W+H size. In my opinion these chinos feel a bit more substantial in terms of fabric when compared to the W+H version. They actually remind me a bit of the UNIS chinos. I know the quality and construction of UNIS chinos are definitely more...
malaujai I forgot to ask about the student discount on the Mark McNairy shoes and wasn't thinking about duties either...actually just wanted to see if they had them in person so I could go and physically handle them and try them on....140 sounds ok..but 300 is def a bit steep. Last time I was at Eaton Center they only had the salmon colour ones...do they have more colours now...I am looking for the lighter blue one....
This is a great lightweight jacket for those colder sring/summer days. It is a size Large but fits a bit slimmer. 100% cotton (herringbone pattern) and uses an IDEAL zipper (same one used on some of the Wings + Horns zip ups). The grey hood can easily be removed if you wish. Worn at most 5 times and needs a new home. Purchased at Holt Renfrew for about $219. Measurements p2p 22.5" s2s 18" PRICE $120 shipped in North America
yeah called the bloor location about the McNairy shoes as well and they told me they wouldn't arrive until june/july and I could special order it from the 5th ave location in NYC (shipping would be $15-$20) if I wanted them now. Tried on the Davis chinos too the other day and the fit is really nice. Very similar to the Unis ones. Very reasonably priced at $69 plus 20% student discount. I really like the blue ones. Might try to hold off until the first price drop tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 i certainly hope it wasn't anything i said. I think I have to say that you were the catalyst =)
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