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Ditto....Perlorian is a great seller. Fast shipping, great communication and smooth transacation
Just an FYI. FLASH sale (20% off) on Hoodies at Roden Gray until Sunday (midnight)
I just received a pair of size 11 Vibram soles from Quoddy. Gonna try to resole my Quoddy Grizzly's (with crepe sole) with these brand new Vibram ones. Quoddy told me that a thin leather wrap must be stitched on first once the crepe sole is removed. Then the Vibram sole can be attached to this leather wrap. Hopefully a cobbler here in Toronto can do this. Shouldn't be too hard right? Quoddy experts please let me know if you have anything to add to this. Thanks!!!
Size 11 Vibram soles. Gonna resole my Quoddy Grizzly's with crepe sole with these brand new Vibram ones.
^ I've lost track on the exact number of washes. Probably around 10 times.
I just washed and dried these last night.
@ transient - they saw very minimal wear for a couple of years because I was really into the RAW denim look and was trying to break in my other jeans. Kinda getting sick of the raw denim thing now so my '06 APC's and washed jeans have been seeing more wear lately. Also now that spring has finally arrived these will see much more wear....I prefer the "washed" denim look with spring/summer clothes =) @SirGrotisu - thanks man. I will try to post better fit pics and will...
I got mine from Nomad.
Here is a fit pic I like the high collar when buttoned up. I believe that Wings and Horns will be coming out with similar hoodies this Fall. This is def my most fitted hoody.
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