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Fit pic =)
Purchased today at www.shoplostfound.com (just a splash page right now) Toronto peeps have to go visit this place in person. The store has a small but nice selection of clothes. The owner (jhoo04) is a really nice guy and a great person to have a conversation with (very knowledgeable). These things are really amazing. This trail oxford came in both brown and blue. I ended up getting the blue ones and glad I did!!
These were purchased from user Habitant back in early February. I have way to many boots/shoes and trying to downsize my closet. These Quoddy Grizzly's are amazing and have been worn sparingly. For whatever it's worth, the previous owner said he wore them for about 50 hours and I have worn them only on 5 different occasions (20 hours max). They really are in excellent condition. I guess I will let the pictures speak for themselves. SIZE 11 Chromexcel Brown PRICE...
Does anybody know where I can get the Indigo Dyed T-shirt in Toronto? I was at the Yonge and Lawerence location the other day and they only had the long sleeve version for $19.
These are size 44 and were bought back in 2008 at Nomad. They have only been worn at most 10 times. I find it hard to match with the clothes I have and these shoes spend most of the time just sitting in my closet. Hopefully someone on this forum can make better use of them. Asking $165 Shipped in North America. Will come with dust bag and original box.
I can't remember what season this piece is from but has only been worn once. This piece is a nice way to add some colour to your wardrobe this spring. size M s2s:19" p2p:21.5" Price SALE PENDING (damn that was fast!!) APC Rescue These have been lightly worn around 15-20 times. There is minimal wear and as you can see from the pics and there is a ton of life left in them. Some of the creases were formed from sitting between the piles of jeans I have. Purchased in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter BTW, s3lam the deal you got on those tweed pants was more of an accident. They're still marked (in the system) at $69, so the $19 you got them for was a tagging error that they just honored as a policy loophole. I found another pair but they wouldn't budge on price even when I told them I had 'a friend' who bought them for $19. That is crazy. I can't believe they were tagged with the wrong price...
Gmas - I'm pretty sure there was another medium at the Richmond location. Post some fit pics if you decide to get it =) Slack - I hear ya man, this is not your typical pattern on a shirt and just seeing pics of this shirt alone does not do it justice. After I saw fit pics on Roden Gray and Tres Bien shop this pattern definitely grew on me and got me sold on it. According to Tres Bien shop, this shirt contains 6% ramie (read up on its properties on Wiki) but my shirt...
oh and how could I forget the fit pic. Not the best angle but you get the idea. For reference this shirt is a medium and I am about 5'10" and 170 lbs.
Picked this up today at Nomad. Here are some pics for your enjoyment =)
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