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Friend's wedding today
free bump
Here is a fit pic from Haven http://aucview.aucfan.com/yahoo/g134160950/?imgpopup=1¤t_image=http%3A%2F%2Fauctions.c.yimg.jp%2Fimg331.auctions.yahoo.co.jp%2Fusers%2F6%2F1%2F0%2F4%2Fmatunelson-img534x600-14009880417t26im58495.jpg
Got them from Haven a couple seasons back. They called "Trooper Ankle Cut 8P Pants Cotton Chino Cloth"http://havenshop.ca/the_latest_news/nonnative-2012-spring-summer-cafe%C2%B4-hafa-collection/
EG Nonnative Visvim
thanks in stitches. My buddies at Nomad hooked me up. Got the shirt yesterday at 50%off plus an additional 10 (and then gave me another 10% off for good measure)
Walking with the little guy thru the mall Geller Stone Island (helicopter pants) Visvim FBT
Gitman W+H CP's
BNWT Size 32 Waist 17.25 Thigh 11.5 Hem 7" Price 375USD shipped
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