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Walking with the little guy thru the mall Geller Stone Island (helicopter pants) Visvim FBT
Gitman W+H CP's
BNWT Size 32 Waist 17.25 Thigh 11.5 Hem 7" Price 375USD shipped
BNWT Saint Laurent Paris D01 raw denim Size 34 Waist 17.75" Thigh 12.25" Hem 18.5cm Asking 370 USD shipped Received as a gift and only tried on.
Visvim EG 70's chucks
Uniqlo EG Blanc Noir
Uniqlo Flathead EG CP
Visvim EG EG CP
Junya Visvim SISP Visvim
Really? I like the opening on my geller sweats. Maybe they look small because of my big feet? (Size 44). Maybe the angle ?Anyhow thanks for input
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