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W+H Nonnative CP's
Picked it up from Frances May a couple weeks back.
Thought this thread could use a couple pics =) Just picked this up a couple weeks back WM
Counter-Clockwise TB Geller Geller Uniqlo x Undercover WM
Might be the wrong thread but was wondering if anybody can ID which season these jeans are from? I am pretty sure this is from one of his first couple seasons Thanks in advance
Hey man...the Bay at the Eaton center...there are mad sales going on there now at the "White Space"....other brands on sale include Opening Ceremony, CP Company, Stone Island, Oliver Spencer, Spurr, BoO, Filippa K and Kin..thats just off the top of my head=)
Hey. I got both Lim pieces at the Bay here in toronto. They were both marked down to 50off plus an additional 50 off. They were a steal.
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