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Junya W+H (indigo crew) APC PS CP's
WM Gap W+H Nonnative
Thanks OdinNYC!
not sure if this has been posted but the wingsandhorns website has one new pic up on its front page.
(my first pair of shoe trees purchased from JCrew in Boston)
Brand new without tags (Told Unis to remove all tags to avoid duties/taxes). Just received these in the mail from Unis NYC. Too small. Paid $30 for shipping. My loss is your gain. Size 31 Colour Seal Grey.
Hey guys, This might sound like a weird question.....Is there any tag or label on the UNIS chinos that states whether they are the "skinny gios" or the "regular gios". Thanks, Stephen
Yeah I could have been misinformed as I just checked their website too but sales dude said it was spring 2012 stuff....guess he was wrong....however those "exclusive" ventile chinos that they had felt pretty thin and in my opinion should be for the spring season =)
Nomad has a small amount of spring 2012 stuff on sale already. Some ventile chinos, a hoody and an oxford from what I can remember.
Thanks Sutocorp!!
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