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Hey. I got both Lim pieces at the Bay here in toronto. They were both marked down to 50off plus an additional 50 off. They were a steal.
These are Kewsick. I really want the boot version of the Eaton however Richard says they dont have them in my size. He offered me the shoe version but I really want the boot.
My first pair! Now i need to get me some Eatons https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/Tricker_s/Custom_Made_Tricker_s_Gallery/Custom_Made_Trickers_Eaton_2232.html Apparently Richard said he doesn't have them in UK9 =(
And of course some fit pics (excuse the pj bottoms) For reference I am 5'10" and 180lbs. I wear a size M in the Stark however got a Small in this Marked Cardigan.
Hey, the TB jacket and pants are separate (not a suit but wish it was). I found them at Last Call.Jacket was marked down to 679 with an additional 50%OFF and the pants were marked down to $319 plus 30%off. I was just there last night (saturday) and there was another size 2 and a couple size 4's left in the pants if you are interested. Also there was a few pairs of the TB jogging pants.
TB, TB, Club Monaco, CP (Premium) EDIT: I have gotten a few "fit pic" requests. Here is one with the TB pants. Still need to get the pants hemmed. Probably wont get them hemmed so that the ankle is exposed (the way TB pants were intended to look).
was at Eaton Center today and picked up the fairisle sweater at $59 - 30% off...they had a ton of sizes there Also picked up a cord brown blazer for $59 - 30% off too EDIT. Here is pic of sweater
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