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TBS coupon was gonna expire so had to kop =) Shipped on Monday and received today (Wednesday)
Thanks Bryan at Leather Soul
Sorry for shitty phone pics I took a quick fit pic (once again not the best quality)
@evel. Yeah the 50 fit pretty good. I am roughly 5'10" and 175 lbs. Hope this helps.
@evel At the time Barney's only had this jacket in the green. It is slightly darker in real life. @yolo emshi The pants are Nonnative. Here is a couple links for your info just in case (scroll to middle of page) http://havenshop.ca/the_latest_news/nonnative-2012-spring-summer-cafe%C2%B4-hafa-collection/ and here http://www.nonnative.com/nonnative_2012ss/Styles/7/
Hey these are RRL Here is a link http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743&ab=global_men_rrl The regiment ripstop cargo. They are a slim straight and fit really nice. I will try to get a fit pic up soon.
Was at the Barney's in Beverly Hills and saw the crazy cameraman in person. Price tag was 1,999. I think EndClothing is selling it a bit cheaper. Nonetheless this piece was quite amazing. Here is a photo I took from my iPhone. And a fit pic (size 50)
Picked this up yesterday at Ralph Lauren store in Beverly Hills
Not sure if this belongs here but thought I would share this pic. Just got them today.
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