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White Mountaineering JE Wings + Horns Visvim
It was a Rick kinda day today
Junya Gitman APC NS (9 or so years) Nonnative x New Balance
Haven't posted in a long time Me Buzz Rickson H&M x2 Rick Owens Him Uniqlo H&M Nike
Uniqlo t-shirt Kapital Obie Sarouel pants DRKSHDW ramones
Dark Grey Shearling Ramones (not the DRKSHDW version) Gently Worn (not daily shoe) Better quality than the Ramones produced today. Can't remember which season this was purchased from. Raccagni Zippers No box (wife threw it away without my knowledge) Minimal heel drag as per pic 100% Authentic I did not try to clean the soles before taking these pictures. Same listing as on Grailed.
Just picked up a pair of ramones from Farfetch and wanted to share my experience. Shipping was super fast. Ordered on Thursday and got them today (Monday) They came in this box. Here are the shoes. I was scared of stories where people ordered from Farfetch and getting something totally different. Luckily I was ok. But I noticed this and was not aware of this from the pics on the site. I can live with it but wish pics showed this. Anyhow overall it was a great...
This is the winter premium version from a few seasons back. Purchase from Roden Gray. Brand new with box, dust bags and extra laces. Only tried on in the house on carpet. Size 44
Black Shell Cordovan Long Wing Size US 9.5 Barrie Last. Purchased from Bryan at Leather Soul. Never worn only tried on in the house on carpet. Do not have the Original Box but have the 2 dust bags. Message me if you have any other questions
APC Spruce W+H Nike
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