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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Do you think you'll be on this forum 5, 10, 15+ years from now? Probably not. l have the feeling someone is going to run me through with a carving knife tommorrow. l'm going to confront him with things and he's going to come out fighting. l'm sure he will try to kill me.
You a pretty girl? lf you are, then you can P.M me as much dirty talk as you like. My wife never talks dirty to me. ln fact, she even refuses to sleep with me anymore. l hate her guts. Pity she doesn't step out in front of a bus.
Sir, that is very dirty talk.
l've found out the a (so called) friend has been stealing from me. l've been very very wild about it all week. l've put him on notice and told him l will be coming over to his place tommorrow so l can punch him up. l've got my mouth guard and knuckle dusters ready. l'm going to hurt him really really bad. l'm also going to light his gas stove and hold his head over it (threatening to push his face into it if he doesn't kiss my feet, say sorry, and pay me $500 for my...
A nice shape, but a pity there is a lack of decent construction and the soles are way too thin for my liking. Ostrich is a beautiful looking leather. l hope they were no more than $800.
The John White are blake stitched and are very poor footwear indeed. ln the last 5 years, they seem to have gone into offering lots of modern square toe models that are just plain ugly with a very basic heavily grain corrected finish. John White have lost their English look and are probably made in foreign lands now.
Best to resell the coat. Shortening a coat can make it look off.
Looks really promising phage. Who's the maker?
Whatever dude. lf it was a poster on Style Forum, i'd agree with you. But it's not. Quote: Originally Posted by Golf Nerd Once again not nice. l'm a nice man. l still haven't taken you apart for making many inane posts, have l? l don't have any friends because everyone hates me. Wanna be my friend?
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