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Saw this ad for second hand BMWs today. Sexist? Maybe, but nice to look at
I have a small galley flat in my bidet.
Das Leben der Anderen is a very good film.
Eels - Last Stop This Town Lots of stuff by: Sarah McLachlan (e.g. Angel, I Will Remember You) Kate Rusby (The Lark, The Wild Goose)
Positively 4th Street.
Can't believe no one has suggested American Psycho yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Station I didn't think it lived up to the series, unfortunately. The Americans were the worst thing about it. It was like watching Dane Cook do Hamlet; just does not go. Still, some fantastic swearing from the Scotch. "Leaky mingebox" was a personal favourite. This. It's a good film in it's own right but unfortunately if you've seen The Thick Of It then it is a bit of a let down. Steals a lot of storylines and...
Not sure what my top 5 would be but The Graduate would be one of them.
Good Times article on what may have happened to the plane. If it broke up at 35,000ft then there is a reasonable chance the passengers would lose consciousness before long: Quote: As Philippe Juvin, a French doctor, explained: "If depressurisation is extremely brutal, you lose consciousness and a deep coma sets in. It would have been like falling asleep."
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I liked it too, but since they came out at pretty much the same time, I just can't help comparing it to The Prestige, which I think is superior in every respect. Yep, Biel is good but Johansson is just better.
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