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Got the jeans back, they are half-scab now.
Thanks ! Thats the good stuff.might be out of boutiques now though if its SS16. Damn, anyone got a lead on who might still have some in stock
Whats the CDG line that has the allover print button down this season? looked like classic paintings of europeans on horses, fox hunting etc? Can't remember which line or where to get them.
WTAPS does this wellEdit - also Dana Lee
Cav Empt
I could see someone pulling off this Ann D Smock too http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/product/ann-demeulemeester-slub-trench-coat-504365016.html
dunno if anyone plays soccer but I picked these up and they are great.
when I get mine back I'll post photos, they are pretty scabbed already.
Yeah I dunno mine just faded perfectly and are super comfy; they turned into a super washed out grey with nice fades. No real explanation.
I have now spent more money repairing my fav pair of jeans (Uniqlo x Undercover which were like 40$) than my most expensive pair of jeans ever (300?). These things hve been repaired at least 30 times over the past 4 years.
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