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That MA1 looks to be last season, but that same seller has a bunch of fake Visvim for sale so be careful...
Black for sure
Anyone got a really good leather guy in NYC? I want to add a zipper to some cuffs, and taper the sleeves just a bit.
Is this fixable beyond just Glue? Starting to squeak a lot more too
Post away. I have some weird puncture wound in my Qasa Hi's, any idea on how to repair or am I fucked.
Whats the pop over?Pili Got a face like a Munch painting, I love it.
Well I got whooshed.. My bad
Black version of these Vans x WTAPS. Stupid but I want them
Gross. Also all that stuff about his poker money and lifestyle laundering his dad's dirty money? Even worse
Yeah it's real feel 103 with 70% humidity here. Death no matter what you are wearing.
New Posts  All Forums: