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Zelda, SMW, Mario 3, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPGthats the top 5 pantheon of Super NES. and maybe all systems.
Hand surgery really sucks sorry to hear that. My thumb has never been the same
This one looks great IMO but I'll know once it arrives.
was it @nicelynice That has Elena Dawson pieces? I was looking at that stuff today and man its beautiful
AW 2003 Number (N)ine
Made some drunk impulse purchases on a flight. Number (N)ine (x3) WTAPS
Terrible photo but i love this Poeme Bohemian Coat edit - looks almost like this one.
In other news, We should get a Discord for RFT
I mean the TB plaid oxford that I bought years ago was (on sale) but around 90$ in store. The shirts at End are $400. There is no way they would go down to 90$ anymore. Its just crazy . Im buying used Undercover / N(N) sweaters because basic regular sweaters are over 300$ now. I also got my Raf fair isle sweater new for 150$ and now his sweaters are 600. I know these are sale outliers but the market sure has changed.
Am I crazy or have prices gone completely off the rails? But thanks for the links.And no, there is no point. Uniqlo Black skinny jeans are great.Or you can by my CdG Homme Plus Skinny jeans for 100$
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