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Trying out a couple things from Guerilla Group with their Black Friday Sale. I've heard good things!
Anyone bought from Guerilla Group before, and had it shipped to the US? Any idea how long it takes?
Does Layer-0 make 12-13?
Yoooo that Mihara is nice. What size is that? Hit me up if its too big
Appreciate it! Thank you
Well on that note does anyone know a top-flight tailor in NYC?
I have a raw edged coat, and I need to shorten the sleeves. Best way to approach this? Guessing to cut out enough to shorten where I want it, and then reattached the raw edge? Maybe @conceptual 4est knows a tailor around nyc that can do it? edit - @Fuuma Hope everything is good with you and your family.
Yeah same now. At that point I didn't really know my measurements so I just went by the # size, and thats a crap shoot to be sure.
What size is that SS07 jacket? N(N) is impossible to size. I have a size 5 from AW07 that fits perfectly, and I bought another jacket, same size, from that season and it was like 3 sizes too large. edit - Fit looks good too, but you right about your pants.
Blast from the past right here
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