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This movie. Goddamn. I think this is how it would be if @Parker had his way
Some streetwear stuff as well, since its what I normally wear to work every day. Undercover White Mountaineering WTAPS Nike (incredible for being on set on your feet all day)
Buying way too much Undercover lately. N(N) has a lot of hits but a ton of misses.
Its a pretty clear slim 52, I thought it would be a baggy 52
Link to Non native pants?
Well my hand is currently in a cast so it doesn't fit through any of my sleeves. I look like this, its quite cold.
so this came in today and is somehow even more incredible than the photo gives off. It looks way more formal without the harsh flash on the lighting. The less apocalyptic look will help it be more versatile, even that may be a bad thing for some. The lamb is super soft and the jacket is warm, there is brilliant silver hardware, including on the belt that wasn't even shown in the photos. Also the inside is a super soft fur that is different than the shearling on the neck....
Yeah thanks for posting!Languid seems to be womens, and S/S; do you think thats correct? a Lamb/Shearling would surely be A/W
Undercover Lamb Shearling (anyone got an ID on the season?) Neoprene Varsity Snowman Shirt
Best place to buy? Can't find dries accessories thT easily. I'm reallyOut of the game though
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