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I think they said 48 hours, so tomorrow night you should be able to download it.
You framed me out dog. Me and Artishard were right there PS you can download the talk from the Apple Store
1. ZenMarket 2. FromJapan
I have the sweat pants with the same fabric and zips. Super cozy.
Actually these pants are trash. They are so low-rise its absurd. Only covers half my butt! Going back
Just got some IS pants in the mail. Jesus the inseam is like 38 or 40
Brutal day so far for Nicely.
Ive never had any problems with Rick, but I have admittedly small experience. Most designer brands haven't been that bad, at least compared to old H&M stuff I used to have. I don't like the way my Siki Im tee shrunk after 1 cold wash. I gave it to Good Will.
Super nice. Too bad its not a 4.
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