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Those are cool, but how comfy
No Club Barbershop - 45$ for a good cut. Also has Japanese Whiskey for free
I need a pair of chunky brown boots, similar to Visvim boots, but not as pricey. Want to wear some more blue's this spring but the only brown boots I have are some sleek jodphurs.
Prob cloak or geller
@Parker are those pre-washed Levis or are you fading them? I need a basic pair of blue jeans and those look like a good place to start
Z-1's look good! Just grabbed the Ridged Seam DNA pants as well. I went from 0 to 5 pairs over the past 6 months. Don't sleep on his pants!
if IM a 45 in almost everything and a 13 in Nike, waht size would that be for Tornados and Derbies?
Go to Jacques Imo's
Do those still come with the tote?
why do people still change grailed links. It works now
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