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Anyone got recommendations for Brussels? Going for a few days of Thanksgiving and i want to see some cool places / eat some good food.
Gotta dig up a photo of me in a Sean John Turtleneck with matching Beanie, and giant pants.
Those pile lined sweatpants look like a Dr Seuss character to me.
Where can I find thisedit - found it on their website of all places! But large is sold out damn
Yeah, with my giant head the thin ones look better than the chunky ones. I'm checking Cruvoir right now and they dont have their house brand hats anymore but they have some L&F on pretty deep sale. Thanks!
Stuff your face its more fun
Thanks shah! will check it out. Can easily walk to the NY DSM from my house,
Whats that style of shoe called? Haven't seen the CP Esque sole on a Nike before. But Im not super into sneakers.
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