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@Parker unfortunately just life stuff, and nothing romantic or sexy. Moving apartments, moving up at work means more stuff to worry about. Etc. But I'd like to try to get back into posting here @LA Guy Definitely have an interest in doing some more video on my own, its been so career based at the moment I haven't made anything for pleasure in a long time. Really at this point would be a concept that is new and fresh, without being too difficult to pull off. I'd be happy...
Hi guys been a while.
My GF bought that jacket in November, its great. Super heavy and stiff, really gotta wear it to get it loose and soft.
Just means that it was orgiinally sold at the store Joyce. I have a N(N) jacket that has a similar joyce label.
Can we convince Jun to make a size 45 last ? Then I'd be in too.
Ko is good. Also check out the Tasting menu at Brushstroke. @GraphicNovelty All those choices are really good for Nashville. Husk is insane, so its Hattie B's. I think you got a great plan, just stay aaway from Broadway unless you want to be swept up in shitty Bachelorette parties.
Wait til next year and LA will be an abandoned desert.
Sorry we didnt get to hang when I was there I was slammed the whole time
P sure it stems from wherever the boutique is located that is shipping the boot, FarFetch doesn't pick up the boots and then ship from a central location.
Well in NYC if you get screwed and have to live in the Time Warner section at peak times you'll be getting speeds at like 1.9. Optimum and TWC have the city split up so you don't have a chance. Luckily FIOS is coming in and providing competition in some buildings, and its 1200x better than TWC or Optimum.Have you tried calling the provider and bitching about stopping your service cause its unacceptable and impacts your business? that usually helps. They could have you capped.
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