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I got so sun burned yesterday that thinking about clothes hurts. However did swim with some sea turtles so that was worth it. Also considering picking up Purple Velvet DB coat from Haider. Why not? Think its this one, but in Eggplant Purple
There is a mega post somewhere but its always fun to browse Tokio 7
Ive had MeUndies for over a year and no pilling or any issues of any kind. Except the horizontal stripe boer that developed holes. I called them and they sent me a free pair of the same type. It also developed holes. So I called them again and then sent me a free pair of a different look. I dunno if it was that fabric or what but I freaking love what i have. Wont buy anything else now.
Honestly MeUndies is fucking incredible. Threw all my shit away and bought enough for myself for a month at a time. And yes I do laundry every 1-2 weeks.Plenty of extras.
So 12 would be too snug I suppose. Damn
I wear a 13 in Nike so if those are some how to BIG let me know
Undercover collection is great
Is that an unironic Guy Fieri recommendation?
How does Nike Tech Knit Tee's fit? If I wear a L in the ACG would I be a L in that as well?
How are Visvim jeans? Looking into a washed pair of 04's. Never seen them in person though and as a p true 34 would a 34x32 work?
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