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I have 1 hoodie, Its 100% angora and knit and I love it. Dont hate Its for those especially cold days.Rogan surprisingly. Dont know if they are even in business anymore.
I just got an angora beanie and its great
PS @RegisDB9 I bought that phone case and its dope.
Yeah but the sale ended yesterday
Helmut Lang (also got an Angora Beanie) (reminds me of old cloak) Number (N)ine Julius
Bought some Plokhov Helmut Lang stuff at a sample sale. Didnt realise its all made in China now? Although I got some solid button ups, jeans and a hat for a good deal. Also some christmas presents for the GF and my sister.
Decent thoughts on Margiela and Galliano http://www.vice.com/read/the-return-of-john-galliano-456 @RegisDB9
Yeah it wont let me copy and paste anything into the reply box. Really suckshttp://www.thearrivals.com/womens-rainier-structured-moto
Two questions. Anyone heard of this brand for women, and if the quality is any good? Also can anyone identify this shirt? edit - Is it impossibly to copy and paste now? wtf
First WAYWT in a long time. Wedding season!
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