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First WAYWT in a long time. Wedding season!
$102 was a steal
Whats been happening in there? Havent read that thread for like a year now.
This sweater. Finally an oversize sweater that looks dope and not lumpy.
For everyone who was following along closely at home, I got my shirt and now Im all set for the wedding. Theme is "All Black Everything" so Im wearing my Ann D Jacquard blazer, InAisce Long Shirt, Comme Pants tucked into Ann D sidezips. Should be black enough. Shirt is here
It was an old address on my Paypal Page. It didn't select my newest address even though I hit "make default address".The whole thing is fucked
Wrote two messages pleading him not to send it. We'll see when he writes back.I really hope he just hit "shipped" to end the case, but didnt actually ship it.Still worried.
Motherfuck the shirt I bought for a wedding this weekend I think just got shipped to a super old address in Ohio even though we spoke and he said we could meet in Brooklyn to avoid shipping fees. FUCK
My roommate interviewed Dapper Dan. He's a pretty awesome dudehttp://www.vice.com/read/dapper-dan-thinks-kanye-west-is-doing-it-wrong
Mario RPG SMB 3 Best console games Quake Live + Team Fortress Class best PC Shooters
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