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Hi, I am moving to London this coming week and I would appreciate if anybody could give me some tips in terms of where to shop, when are sales normally held and so on. I've only been to the city once before and did not have much time to look around so quite likely, most tips would be helpful. How are Brioni, Kiton, etc prices in London ? Any affordable tailors off the Row ? Thanks a lot everyone. Kind Regards, Rodrigo
The absolute best acne solution would be Accutane. I would not recommend it though if you don't have a severe acne problem as the medication tends to dry out your sky pretty badly. I would drop the washcloth if I were you, there is an insane amount of bacteria in that and you are exfoliating your sentitive skin with it. I once learned something with a Japanese dermatologist that I still try to follow. She told me never to use soap or anything detergent, but to wash my...
I know for a fact that Corneliani carries European size 44, which is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, they tend to run around 800-1000 pounds at Harrods. Maybe you can find their outlet somewhere ? -Rodrigo Malizia
I have found Eredi Pisano's cashmere sweaters to be close fitting. I picked up another one on sale a few weeks ago and fits me very nicely, both around the chest and sleeves. Keep in mind that I wear a size 36 in the US. -Rodrigo Malizia
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