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Wait, you can actually flush out your system and get health benefits from doing it? Doesn't your body automatically do this?
Under Armour is great. Keeps you cool and is easy to move in. Also, it's very good quality. Plus, you can always wear a cotton T-shirt overtop of it if you don't feel comfortable wearing skin-tight clothes.
6' 3" There is "good" height for a man. You are what you are.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn *speechless* I don't really know what to say. Um...ok use toenail clippers to cut your toenails if you don't already. My brother tears his toenails off with his teeth or cuts them off with a pocketknife and that has caused him lots of ingrown nail problems. Also, when cutting your toenails, don't try cut them into a round shape like you would your fingernails. Toenails like to be cut flat across. I...
OK, I'll probaly try to setup an appointment with a podiatrist and see what they recommend. Thanks for the help everybody (I know it must have been painful to look at those pictures)!
Quote: Originally Posted by j Gnarly. You can shave calluses down or sand them down. All that dead skin can be removed by soaking them in hot water and then scrubbing with various implements until it's gone - try nail clippers as well. Mainly you need to get shoes that fit. Also you might try wearing thin liner socks inside thicker cushy socks like Thorlo Coolmax. That always helps prevent blisters and rubbing etc. I have shoes that fit well...
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Go to a podiatrist. Do they actually deal with the aesthetics of feet?
Quote: Originally Posted by Renault78law thanks for the warning, btw, that was thoughtful. are you a runner? I play a lot of sports. I had one pair of poorly fitting basketball shoes that really put the hurt on my feet. That's where most of the calluses and blood bruises are from. If you don't have perfect fitting basketball shoes, your feet will really get beat up due to the constant change of direction and jumping. It's impossible to...
I can't believe people actually like Chucks here. I personally feel they look ridiculous.
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