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PM sent
PM sent on #25!
For sale is a NWT tiger fleece hoodie from F/W 2009. I originally purchased it from this thread here, to refer to that for pictures and measurements. I tried it on a couple times in the house, decided it's a bit too big for me. I'm looking to sell it for $130 shipped conus OBO Thanks!
so far only a pair of RRDS and some black levi 539s...I just moved to tokyo so I'm thinking of picking up some somets or flatheads soon.
It'll probably dry hair out, but using some form of conditioner will fix that. I periodically use a moisture treatment and my hair's fine despite the shit I put it through.
The Art of Shaving lavender aftershave?
Five Guys is amazing, although I've never had In-and-Out. Cook Out, for those who know it, is also amazing, especially since they're open till 4am and 5 bucks gets you a double burger, two sides, and a shake with anything you want in it.
Christ, I thought the reflections of yourself in the lens were your eyes and it scared the shit out of me.
Where do you live? Isn't it still kind of warm for sweaters and cardigans? Quote: Or jeans, sneakers and a t shirt/button down shirt. +1
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