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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Suddenly everyone's a critic and a fashion editor. It's not my self-esteem or confidence at stake, but my sanity. I don't like talking to people anymore because they can only seem to talk about what I'm wearing. Let this be a lesson to others. Ah, the curse of being the Fastest Gun in the West.
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California I've never seen someone wearing the bottom style before. I didn't ask for them to do it. Should I be pleased that they did this? Does a link cuff look better or worse? Is a link cuff less formal than the standard French style? Is she trying to make me look less fabulous?? It's more formal. I think it's a cool look. Do you like it, though? Why don't you try it for a while and see if you like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California What do you hang your shirts on? I hang them on generic cheap wooden shirt hangers; nothing special. Most of the time I iron my shirts the morning that I wear them, or the night before, so I don't really need the hanger to keep the shirt's shape, if it even does that.
All of my suits and pants are on hangers from hangerproject. I haven't tried any of their shirt hangers, though. The shoulders are definitely broad enough, and it's deep (front to back), too, so it fits the shoulders nicely. From the center to the tips, there's a curve, which I guess is supposed to simulate the concavity of the collar bone vs. the convexity of the back shoulder blades. The jacket hangers are designed for a standard shoulder slope, though; I have pretty...
How about the 34mm version? That's even simpler and thinner.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I don't disagree with your point, but I'm having a hard time seeing how this is correct. If you have two pair of shoes, and you wear them only to work, then you'd wear each pair 2 or 3 times a week. If you wear them every day, then it's still only 3 to 4 wear a week. Maybe I'm just strange, one dress shoe per day for me! I think you are kind of strange. I think most people wear two.
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood Do you guys think it's poor taste to get married for a 2nd time in the same tuxedo that I got married in the 1st time around? I think it depends if it was a tuxedo that you owned and wore before your first wedding, or if it was bought especially for the first wedding. I think the first is okay, but the second isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I am. Isn't anyone else? At a certain point, I have to believe one has finished learning most of what he needs to dress well and can move on with his life, without the need for continuous, focussed study. For the most part, personal style should be developed personally, no? I feel bored, but not for the same reason. For me, it's that I've learned all I can for now and I'm just limited by money,...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer from another thread: I've always wondered how people define "afford" in the context of a statement like "only buy what you can afford". off the cuff, 1 week of salary after taxes, seems like a lot for a purchase of shoes (that was the context of the above) that means somebody making $100k a year can afford $1,000 shoes. in a strict sense that is probably true, but my guess is that the average salary of someone...
Dressing well is an action; looking good is a condition that can be observed. One's active and the other's...well, passive. But the real question is: If a man dresses well and no one's around to see it, does he still look good?
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