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Brand new in box Common projects low achilles in all black leather. Size 8 / 42 I ship worldwide from Europe! Shipping worldwide included in price - price is firm Paypal accepted
Are Eidos overcoats usually canvassed like the suits? I seen a few pages back the Donegal coat that was available in two different versions, one fused cheaper and one canvassed. Was that specific to that model or are there usually two versions?
When something is returned it first appears in dreamboxes for a couple of Days, Before being visible in regular site. Ive seen this on several things ive returned and ive had them still in my dreambox, so probably someone had it in their box and snatched it Before it was openly indexed by their search Engine again
Its almost completely soft, very very little padding
PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE! Priced now at $349 - a steal! Up for sale is a brand new without tags Caruso charcoal suit in size 52. Bought this for myself a few months and hemmed the pants, but have since then outgrown it and have never worn it. Super 100 charcoal wool. Size Euro 52 Drop 7 - US 42R Fully canvassed, twin vents, soft shoulders Chest 21.5" Shouders 18.5 Length 30.5 Sleeves 26 Waist 36" Inseam 32" hemmed (can be let out) Hem width 7.75" $450 shipped worldwide
PRICE DROP - now only $329 - a steal! Up for sale is a brand new Caruso suit in very dark charcoal wool, with a nice textured fabric Size is Euro 52 but this is a slim cut drop 9 Caruso, so i'd say this is best for a Euro 50 or US 40R Fully canvassed, twin vents Approx measurements Chest 21.25 Shoulders 18" Sleeves 25.75 (can be altered in / out) Jacket length 30" Pants waist 36 Inseam hemmed 32" can be let out Hem width at bottom 7.5" $399 shipped worldwide
SOLD Up for sale is a brand new Caruso suit in very dark navy hopsack wool. A classic wardrobe staple in a great slightly textured fabric. Size is Euro 52 US 42R. Soft construction, double vented, non functioning sleeve buttonholes Chest about 21.5 Shoulders 18.5 Sleeves 25.75 Length 30.5 Pants waist 36 Inseam hemmed to 32" (can be let out) Leg opening hem 7.75 Price $499 shipped worldwide
Up for sale is a brand new without tags RLBL Anthony navy blazer with silver buttons. Retail $1195 100% wool, lined in cupro. By Caruso - full canvas construction Jacket has never been worn, shoulder fit didnt work out for me so it's been unused in my closet for some time. Size 42R Chest 21.5" Shoulders 18.5" Length 30" Sleeves 25.5" $250 shipped worldwide
WOW!! Very nice, if you had any 52s id be all over them
Just got delivery of the Jort blue cashmere overcoat from Suitsupply, but i was expecting too much - first of all it was fused! not a dealbreaker when it comes to overcoat but interesting since customer servce had said all jort outerwear was fully canvassed..... The cashmere fabric was really really thin, and coat was unlined! it didnt even feel like a coat more like a thin cardigan The Camel DB bleecker arrived too, much thicker fabric and looked nice. But very slim...
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