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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Price? Is that a garnet or a ruby? Why put it where it is invisible, unless you are planning on fleeing the Third Reich sometime soon? Quote: Originally Posted by Poindexter You are a very strange person. I like the idea...I'm going to start using small stones on the back on buckles for special clients...
Have your own name put on the watch at the factory. Then you'll have a custom watch. That ought to satisfy the brand whores.
I agree with going to the contractors area. They seemed eager to discount the last time I was doing a place. Didn't seem to matter that I didn't have a license or anything. That was Home Depot.
I had black, glossy floors for a few years. The ceilings were 15 feet so you didn't see anything at the top periphery of your view of the room. The ceilings kind of disappeared. The black floors tended to anchor the room. The problem was the floors required constant cleaning. Any dust, beer cans in the corners or what-not, became highly visible.
I think it is encouraging that anyone wants to step away from the computer and do something creative in actuality rather than a virtual one. All talent starts at a beginning. The evolution that brought us to where we are may not be a permanent state. It may be reliant on someone, anyone, actually acting out their inclination to do something not usual for them.
Something very very thin in pink gold from the 50's with a leather band. I'm with the "Bank the rest." group.
Looks like a photo shoot for a vintage store. I wonder what Diane Arbus would have done with those people.
Using a camera is an interactive experience. Too many use it like a vacuum to simply suck up images.
I recall in the Lotus Sutra, the BIG B said he, hmmm.., mis-spoke about enlightenment. His idea was: if people knew the truth about it they wouldn't be interested. So he sweetened it up a bit. Enlightenment is not for the satisfied.
Enlightenment is about getting rid of illusion. Most of the humans on the planet seem hell bent on acquiring more illusion as fast as they can. Seems like it might be hard to find a truly enlightened individual. If it is about getting rid of illusion than enlightenment is the same as dis-illusion. Not many want to be dis-illusioned either. I guess that's why it's not very popular. Must be about the red or blue pill. Enlightenment wouldn't take you away from humanity it...
New Posts  All Forums: