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A big fan of Phineas Cole (from Paul Stuart) if you've athletic build otherwise Southwick and/or Samuelsohn provide good values at around $1k mark.
Yup, the fabric tag suggests it's a Prada garment and made by Cantarelli. I can be mistaken but is it half canvassed?
With $3k to burn I would go with Phineas Cole (at $1.5k each) or Samuelsohn, get two suits in navy and dark grey (versatile as odd pieces, not just suit).
May not be the best example but you can get the idea from Suit Supply. Peak Lapel: Notch Lapel:,en_US,pd.html If the windowpane is too bold, for my taste it will be too heavy as a suit however I can see that will work as an odd jacket with charcoal, dark or medium gray trousers.
If the options are these two only then go for Paul Stuart (or even better get the Stuart's Choice). It's an option between Southwick (BBBF with Thom Browne aesthetics) or Samuelsohn (Paul Stuart with Paul Stuart aesthetics) or Isaia (Stuart's Choice with Paul Stuart aesthetics).
Owned both in the past (European shoes nowadays) and prefer Alden than AE. Agree that most AE models have sleeker last nevertheless for comfort Alden beats AE. My feet hurt after a long day with AE yet no similar issue with Alden. In terms of leather, again, Alden win hands down though AE have better price overall. My personal assessment: (since beauty is in the eye of the beholder last is not included plus using the assumption that availability is not an issue for...
Using the food analogy, if you've a restaurant doesn't mean that you will sell your food at your base price. Re Sagara each to their own. If the guy has that policy and you don't like his policy then don't buy from him. Simple as that.Nowadays the third word country term is synonymous to "developing country" nevertheless the original term was coined during the cold war. First World is USA and its allies, Second World is the USSR and its allies while the Third World is...
Andover Shop is made by Southwick and quality is high. Like their Ivy league style with their natural shoulder.
Think it's the German system. 24 (48/2) is 48S and 96 (48*2) is 48L.
Last year I checked BBBF is "Made in USA" manufactured by Southwick and is half canvassed.I'd one Lanvin by Caruso suit and the cut is very slim. The suit is very sharp and well made though at an exorbitant price point at retail.
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