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High quality, fully canvassed with handworks. Believe they're made in Tuscan.
BB between those two but ensure if the jacket is unlined or half lining at the most. Other things to consider, climate (dry or humid and breeze or not), fabric weave, fabric weight and construction.
Fit is king. Go RTW if the garment requires minor adjustments (hemming trousers, slimming trousers, taking in jacket waist and sleeve length) only. Wearing half canvassed jacket is fine, nobody will recognise that... Also wearing a fusing garment if it's fit isn't a sin.
Love Southwick, especially their natural shoulder. Just a thought, the Southwick for CCC, Andover Shop and (old) Paul Stuart are exceptional quality.
Just wondering which one is the right one? CA is Acetate in the above and it's Hemp in this eBay Guide?
Southwick (and for Andover Shop). One of the softest shoulders I've ever encountered on RTW. J Press make an Ivy League style with natural shoulder as well.
I've one KW suit and quality wise for RTW or MTM they offer good value if the fit spots on nevertheless KW is better for US based customers since postage is quite restrictive for Australian based customers. As for the suit the jacket armhole is higher than the industry standard, the details are decent and his soft construction is good as well.Agree with the comment that a local MTM would be better if the price point is similar or even at 1k mark.
That Maratac is good if you're looking for aviator style otherwise I would suggest vintage Omega, vintage Tissot, Sea Gull or Seiko if the budget is $500.
I believe Ed Morel is experienced with both fabrics (and many more) hence you can take his advice.LP fabrics aren't well known for their value for money. Their top of the range can be very good however at exorbitant price.I've hold LP cashmere before and my understanding is that if you're looking for light weight and luxurious fabrics then they may be good yet at the expense of the durability. As for the ease of tailoring, that will depend on your tailor.Generally...
The old Faconnable Tailleur (designed by Albert Goldberg) was made by Cantarelli and it's fully canvassed, softly constructed and good quality. Nevertheless the recent years Faconnable (especially after they changed the label) is quite abysmal.I'm of the same opinion of you that Cantarelli (higher end), Caruso Sartorio Parma and Boglioli (especially the K jacket) are some of my favourites (alongside Kei Canali, La Vera Sartoria Napoletana and Attolini however very...
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