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Overall E. Zegna (not Z Zegna) suit is a better quality garment than RLBL suit nevertheless IMHO Ralph Lauren got it right with the RLBL suiting line, as it offers good value for money (fully canvassed with sufficient bells and whistles) with aggressive cut. General public won't notice the details that make EZ a better suit unlike general SF community.The list was first collated few years back if you look on the first page thus few things had changed since then.The last...
Agree to your friend assessment that it is not advisable to wear suit in Singapore especially if you're taking public transport everywhere. Not trying to be exclusive however I can't imagine wearing suit in Singapore hot and humid weather, you'll be bathed in sweat by the time you arrive at the destination.Have never tried both LL and W Bill linen nevertheless I've one heavyweight Irish linen sportscoat and one lightweight Japanese linen sportscoat. Working in Jakarta...
Just my thought. At retail if you're in North America I'd rather go with Phineas Cole, Southwick or Samuelsohn than HB Selection. If you're in Europe then I'll suggest to look at Pal Zileri. Nothing special with HB Selection line at full price yet if like my friend who's a staff in HB store, there's a sale time where all items are discounted plus they will get a staff discount on top of that (60-70% off retail IIRC) then HB Selection is okay.
These Hamilton will be likely to be above your budget. Not sure on the HB however I will be inclined to avoid fashion watches and I will suggest you to look on the poor man's watch thread. Nevertheless with that budget I would consider Seiko, Sea Gull, vintage Omega or Longines.
A beauty and very good bargain, someone should snatch this quick. Not to mention the great seller.
High quality, fully canvassed with handworks. Believe they're made in Tuscan.
BB between those two but ensure if the jacket is unlined or half lining at the most. Other things to consider, climate (dry or humid and breeze or not), fabric weave, fabric weight and construction.
Fit is king. Go RTW if the garment requires minor adjustments (hemming trousers, slimming trousers, taking in jacket waist and sleeve length) only. Wearing half canvassed jacket is fine, nobody will recognise that... Also wearing a fusing garment if it's fit isn't a sin.
Love Southwick, especially their natural shoulder. Just a thought, the Southwick for CCC, Andover Shop and (old) Paul Stuart are exceptional quality.
Just wondering which one is the right one? CA is Acetate in the above and it's Hemp in this eBay Guide?
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