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Formula (assuming proxy fee is 10%):This is what the proxy will pay(Total Proxy Price or TPP) = Domestic price + domestic postage + international postageThis is what the buyer will pay proxy(Total Buyer Price or TBP) = TPP*[1+(3% exchange rate different using Paypal + 4% Paypal fee + 10% proxy commission rate)]Using the Imperial III case study based on post #49IDR: 1,295,000 or USD: $175Currently, the exchange rate between the IDR and USD is: IDR 1,295,000 = USD...
Best to contact Sagara directly regarding the pricing. They will be happy to advise on the sizing as well.
I've their Legacy IV boots in rough out leather. Fit: Their last is quite roomy, I have to wear size EU40 in this boots whereas normally I wear EU41 (or US7.5 in Alden Barrie or True Balance last). Wear: The boots are very comfortable to wear, no breaking in period required. Construction: Very solid and sturdy construction. Megatron1505 summed it nicely though I've no experience with Whites boots, I'd Alden Indy before and my Legacy is standing at least on the same...
Linen 100% all the way and choose a heavier weight (11oz or above) on unlined or quarterly lined jacket and you will be set. The key is whether the suit is lined or not. A minimum lining on soft construction is best to maximise the benefit of linen during summer season. I've one and love it all the way, the linen is beefy enough not too wrinkle/creasing too much plus it is suitable for the tropical and humid climate where I'm living now.
Don't think Lanvin make suits for Dior Couture. My understanding Dior Homme was made by Caruso also, not sure with Dior Couture. Lanvin don't make suits since they also procured their suits to RC and Pal Zileri IIRC. Btw I used to have one Lanvin suit that're made neither by them with a much higher quality. Was under the impression it was made by Mabro but not sure either.
Sometimes there's a caveat with the marketing. The J Crew website doesn't mention whether the garment is fused or not. They only stated that they're using canvas horsehair on the chest and padded lapel.I prefer to use jefferyd explanation on fusing subject. Nevertheless the bottom line is this list is not a bible and subjective.If you like the overall fit, value and fabric though the garment is fused I don't see any issue with that. Fusing technology has improved...
The Made in USA (think it's made by Southwick and Workers Union) is full canvassed.The first Made in Italy (precursor to RLPL by Corneliani) iteration is full canvassed.I may be wrong however my experience with J Crew Ludlow is fused. It's being advertised as canvassed chest piece and is totally a different beast to half canvassed. PRL Blue Label is half canvassed.
Interested on size 34 or 36 for the LP, Brioni, GA or Corneliani if any.
There is no official one, each to their own.Personally I'm more inclined towards lightweight summer fabric in 7oz or 8oz be it bamboo, ramie, hemp, wool blend, linen blend, silk blend or mohair blend and avoiding 100% cotton.
Well, can't say that, each to their own.Agree that there are many 'hidden' capable local HK tailors. One of the issue why it is hidden because they are mostly accessible only for Cantonese speaking community.
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