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If it's the one praised by Warren Buffet then it is likely the Trands suit company.
Beautiful! This should sell fast.
8 oz linen will crease, heavier weight around 12/13 oz will 'bunch'. I've both and equally like them, different charms.
What about Seiko Alpinist (SARB017) or Cocktail Time (SARB065)? Think with the plummeting yen they are now closer to your budget. Plus Seiko SARB line quality is pretty high for their price. Edit: Sorry forgot to see that this is for casual environment. Maybe you should look at Christopher Ward website, their price is closer to your budget.
I've one of their shoes, they're well built and welted. The leather is substantial too.
This and this The unlined version for spring/summer, the lined one for autumn/winter.
Chill out mate, each to their own. I've reached a point where I don't really care anymore whether my jacket is unstructured, fused, half canvassed or fully canvassed. If I like the fit, fabric, color and price then I will take it.One of my fave jacket in the past was a fused RL Rugby jacket that fit me very well, made of a fabric that I adore, in a color that I am looking for and for a friendly price. That piece found time in my bespoke rotation.
Just my two cents. Too many factors to be considered nevertheless in general a good fitted fused jacket is better then a fully canvassed ill fitted one. If all factors are equal then yes, fully canvassed is better.
Navy for me.
I've one Jomon too and can testify they're awesome. The dye is special and the denim is substantial without being too heavy. Quite a rare piece as well.
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