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Aih, why are you not on the smaller side Beautiful coat nonetheless!
I worked in Sydney in my previous life and working in SE Asia now. Generally Stiva was right except I found that in OZ where the weather tends to be dry, I can wear my tropical weight / fresco buggy lined suit for most of summer days without drenched in sweat. Nevertheless, in a humid climate where I'm living now, at 32 degree average even wearing the lightest shirt and trousers I'm sweating like pig. Dry climate: Lightweight half / buggy / unlined suit in 7-8 oz works...
I'm not 100% certain but in my screen it appears the coat is slightly "heavy" at the navel area?
Would you mind to teach us more about this? Don't know what to look at through the pictures whether it's dry / cracked..
Length is fine, just need to taper the waist a bit more and shorten the trousers hem. I've only one experience with Facconable Tailleur by Albert Goldberg. It's fully canvassed and made by Cantarelli (quite a respected maker with quality).
With your budget I would avoid the Grenson G:2 line, go with G:Zero or G:1 line.For your purpose you can also check Paul Smith shoes or Septieme Largeur for consideration.
My fave poor man's watch.   Personally Seagull, Seiko and Christopher Ward represent good value for money.
Thanks for the review, very interesting read. Would you say that the quality for 1880 and Evolution line is on par? Seems like both are mentioned on the same breadth.
No worries mate. Glad to be an assistance.For the orphaned suit coat, if the fabric is worsted then I would probably suggest there's a little help I can offer aside of donate it to somewhere.. I've tried in the past and resigned to the fact that it didn't work out well. Having said that though, in reality not many people care about whether you wear an orphaned suit coat or a sportscoat lol. To many people it's a jacket.. Everything is in the mind..As for the Mark...
I like the Riki Watanabe Alba, it's one of the best value watch out there. Simplistic and unassuming yet elegant. May I ask what happened with the Kent Wang watches? Are they the Bauhaus watches? My impression is that it is made by Beijing Watch Factory which is one of the high end watch maker in China hence it should be durable?
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