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Twitter confirming this, sad to hear the news..
That's my understanding as well. I thought at first it's the correlation between the jacket and the trousers however I started to doubt that after seeing sportscoat with drop.Drop is the jacket shoulder and jacket waist proportion, the bigger the drop the more aggressive the cut (i.e slimmer waist, higher armholes and slimmer sleeves etc).I've once tried a Caruso jacket and a Ferre jacket with drop 10 where on both jackets the chest were very snug, the armholes were small...
Make sure to email them first before going there hence they can slot their time for you. To me four days would be the minimal. I would not recommend any less than that.At the very least on the first day they can do the measurements then do the first fitting on the second day and the second fitting on the last day. Then they can post the final result to you.Depending on how busy and how good the tailors are, another way is that you arrive in the morning and ask them to...
I believe JLC quality is in the same realm alongside PP, VC and AP; though in terms of exclusivity PP may be on the top of the pantheon.
Great person, great price and great piece. Knowing the person personally, he takes very good care and meticulously maintain all his items to an extreme obsession.
256 vs 257Alternate use of 257257 imagesThe 256 will fit you. 256 is good for commuting.Use 257 if you're traveling or carrying more items than that.However if you want some extra space to carry some unexpected things, then 257 may be better.
The first coat looks bulky on you than the second one.
Great choice.I've commissioned sportscoat in dark purple linen fabric [from Japan (LINNET)] and have been very pleased with the results. Versatile yet classy and offered something different than standard navy, brown, green or grey colors..
WH and Taylor & Reid are good. I still have unfunded liabilities from both (to be made) yet have been very pleased with the quality.No experience with John Foster.
For the above $1,000 price bracket I'll consider Sinn also if I were you. Nevertheless between those four (Hamilton/Stowa/Junghans or Nomos) and if money isn't an issue for you, personally I would go with Nomos.
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