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Up to offer are my two excellent condition leather bags that I have limited use due to the excessive use of private vehicle in the daily life which has forced me to retire these bags; and using a thin leather briefcase/portfolio to carry 13” MacBook Air and few papers. I bought these bags when I was working and commuting in the city thus they were very handy for my daily life on public transport, for short business trip or weekend getaway. Please be mindful that I won't...
You're right on PS. Sorry I meant London is half canvassed, PS is fused and mainline (MIJ) is full canvas.For Prada, they may change it now. Last I seen it was three or so years ago.
IMHO for minimalist type of watch, you can't go wrong with the Riki Watanabe (one of the best value watches under $250, again in my personal view) or pilot homage watch (prefer the hand winding one).
Crazy price, would swoop this without hesitation if it is 34 or 36!
The best way is to ask for the actual measurements if you can or even better is to try them in person. I found generally Boglioli K sizing is the same as other brands with drop 7 however with shorter length even for their (Boglioli) regular length. I realise you wear L length thus not sure whether the length will fit you.
Which Tissot model is this? Mind to elaborate few details please?
You can consider Seagull 1963. Think the watch (may) ticks all the parameters above except (1).. it's lower.. It is my daily beater watch (replaced the strap with leather strap) now.Trust me, this watch is a beauty and has garnered many compliments.
Twitter confirming this, sad to hear the news..
That's my understanding as well. I thought at first it's the correlation between the jacket and the trousers however I started to doubt that after seeing sportscoat with drop.Drop is the jacket shoulder and jacket waist proportion, the bigger the drop the more aggressive the cut (i.e slimmer waist, higher armholes and slimmer sleeves etc).I've once tried a Caruso jacket and a Ferre jacket with drop 10 where on both jackets the chest were very snug, the armholes were small...
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